Interview with Wolf Hoffmann from Accept, dated 10.4.2012

Hello Wolf, how are you today?

WOLF: Very, Very Well, Thank You!

Ok, let’s go to do it. What are the responses for your new album Stalingrad?

WOLF: Guess, Absolutely Wonderful!

You returned to scene two years ago with totally amazing album Blood of the Nations.  People’s expectations are very high. Do you think, that your success will be repeated?

WOLF:  The album is out a few days and we are entering the charts in nearly every country we are touring.  We can’t complain! 🙂

Who were the author of album’s title and author of the main idea of the majority of lyrics?

WOLF: Team work…

Could you tell something about these songs?

WOLF: Let others talk about the songs – everybody has his own imagination.STALINGRAD for instance is trying to focus on an unusual aspect – that people who are taking their last breath might NOT have only one thing on their mind: Instead of killing the enemy, they are seeking mercy and love, dying in each others arms.

On your web page you have published some lands where you are going to make concerts.  Which lands are you planning to visit moreover?

WOLF: It is an ongoing process. This time, instead of a video… we come in person to feature the new album – only inEurope and the rest of the world will follow in autumn.

Is there some chance for a concert in Slovakia? (Lots of people would be pleasured you to visit us)

WOLF: I believe in autumn we will come, but forgive me, if I am not really aware of each country – we have been touring the world twice, I have a terrible time to keep up with our schedules – a good problem to have, right?

OK. Last year you showed in concerts so much incredible energy, which should be envied by many younger bands. What do you used to do to keep you fit?

WOLF: Iron Will and Lots of Training! And Insane Fun! 🙂

You live in USA. Are there some differences in life between USA and Europe and between the European metal scene and US scene?

WOLF: NOT REALLY — except thatEurope has the most metal fans on earth! 🙂

Which country you make a tour in is your the most favorite country?

WOLF: We don’t have a favorite country, we are world citizens and what we see is. FANS give us everything everywhere. Happy faces are happy faces….. 🙂

Wolf, during your musical absence you practiced photographing. How does it look like now?

WOLF:  I am always multi tasking.  I live a fulfilled life and have always been very active. the days are way too short for me. But – I am not complaining. I am living the dream… 🙂

For the Slovak magazine Rockhard you told, that bonus song Never Forget is about the 11th    of September. What do you think about theory, it was work of US. Government?

WOLF: Bull shit!

Wolf, you are on the scene for many years. If you return to the beginning of your career, what would you change?

WOLF: I never look back

How does the day of members of Accept look like, when they don’t work like a musician?

WOLF: Busy

Nowadays, your band is on the top of form. If we look to the future in 6 years, what should we see, or expect?

WOLF: The here and now is what we know. Guess – we all are busy to digest the ongoing success. Nothing is forever – but right now we are the Kings of the Hills – at least it feels like it!

Ok, thanks a lot for the interview. Good luck to you and all members of Accept and I would like to ask you some message for Slovak metalheads.

WOLF: We can’t wait to see you!  We have made all new friends in countries we have not been before.SLOVAKIA has great Metal Fans and we are looking forward so meet them! 🙂 🙂

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