Interview with Patrik Johansson from Bloodbound, dated 26. November 2012

PortraitPata2This year bring to us many good albums. „In the name of Metal“ from Bloodbound is one from these. Patrik Johansson, singer of Bloodbound and Dawn of Silence.

Hello Patrik, how are you?

Patrik Johansson: I’m fine thank you! 🙂  Things are going really well, so I feel happy 🙂

Ok, let’s go. New album is born some weeks. What are your feelings of that?

Patrik Johansson: It feels really good. The response from media and fans has been overwhelming so far and we are very pleased with the result ourselves. We recorded the album in May 2012, so the wait for the release have been long. It feels good to finally share it with our fans, old and new.

Personally, I have to admit you that I’m getting used to it a little longer. I have a feeling that you want to bring more traditional heavy metal sound in the songs like In the name of metal, Metalheads Unite. Is it true?

Patrik Johansson: Yes, there is more of traditional heavy metal elements on this album and maybe a little less Power Metal. But I think it’s a natural continuation from the first half of the “Unholy Cross” album, with songs like Moria and Drop the Bomb. But this time we took it even further. A little more “over the top” 🙂
These traditional heavy metal elements together with songs that have the old Bloodbound feel, makes “In the Name of Metal” our most varied album so far.

But the album also contains more traditional Bloodbound songs, like King of Fallen Grace (my favorite). Is there any chance to hear it on the live gigs?

Patrik Johansson: Cool, I love these kind of old Helloween songs as well. I don’t know if we will include it in the setlist for upcoming shows yet? Only time will tell!

Could you tell me some places where we will see you?

Patrik Johansson: A German booker is trying to set up a smaller tour as we speak. If all goes as planned it will take place sometime in March/April, but I don’t know more about it yet. We will play some shows here inSweden and we are also booked to the festival Metal Fest inCzechRepublic this summer.

Your lyrics often contain dark thinks, that if someone doesn’t know you, he thinks, that you are black metal band. Could you tell something more about your lyrics?

Patrik Johansson: Tomas (Olsson, guitar), writes most of the lyrics. So you might have to ask him, haha.
But I guess that the dark themes fit Metal music the best.

How does look the songwriting process in your band? (Who usually bring the first idea etc…?)

Patrik Johansson: Tomas and Fredrik (Bergh, keyboard) write most of the material. They are pushing everyone in the band to come up with ideas, but from the experience I have, from the two previous albums, is when those two starts to work on new songs it all goes really fast and then the album is done J I really like what they are coming up with, so I have no complains.
I write music all the time, mainly to my other band Dawn of Silence and hopefully I’ll have some material ready that will fit on upcoming releases.

You also have songs with fantasy them, like Moria. Do the members of Bloodbound read fantasy literature in their free time?
Patrik Johansson: I can only speak for myself and I don’t read much. But I like movies with fantasy theme 😉

What are the hobbies and interests of members of Bloodbound in everyday life?

Patrik Johansson: Music is the only interest! We live and breathe Metal and don’t have time for anything else 🙂

You are member of Bloodbound for two years, if I have correct info. How does it feel?

Patrik Johansson: Yes, I officially joined the band in April 2010 and it feels great. I’m really glad to be a part of this band. We are working really good together and have a lot of fun. I used to be kind of a fan of Bloodbound. I bought Nosferatu when it was released and have followed the band since. So I was thrilled when I was asked to join.

To which country you have the best memories of your tour?

Patrik Johansson: We have played inCzech Republic every year since I joined the band. The audience keeps getting bigger and bigger every time we come back and their reception is just great.

How do you tolerate separation from home during your tour?

Patrik Johansson: So far, so good. We have not done any long tours since I entered the band. But I have no problems with that. I really love to play live so it makes it worth it.

You are active also in band Dawn of Silence. Do you prosecute it?

Patrik Johansson: Yes, we are actually in the process of recording a new album as we speak. We are working on 12 songs and it will hopefully be released sometime during 2013.

Do you have some special plans for next year (with Bloodbound or personally)?

Patrik Johansson: To play as many shows in so many different cities and countries we can to promote the new album “In the Name of Metal”.

OK, thank you for interview, I wish you and your band good luck and please let some message for Slovak metal fans.

Patrik Johansson:Thanks for your support, both old and new fans. I hope that we will come to Slovakia soon and I hope to see you all there when that happens

OK, thank you for interview, I wish you and your band good luck and please let some message for Slovak metal fans.

Patrik Johansson: Thanks for your support, both old and new fans. I hope that we will come to Slovakia soon and I hope to see you all there when that happens 🙂

Thanks  for help with the article: Kissaacka 🙂

Photo: Patrik Johansson

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