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Arkona – Vozrozhdenie (re-recorded, reissue)

26. October 2016

Arkona`s debut album Vozrozhdenie was originally released in 2004 and firmly placed both the band and its Russian mother country on the pagan / folk metal map. Front woman Masha`s powerful performance plus Slavic mysticism and varied songwriting turned the first release (its name means “revival”, by the way) of young Arkona into a success and the beginning of a remarkable career. The band has now re-recorded Vozrozhdenie and not only revisits its roots – it lets those old songs shine with a massive production and new instrumental skills











Source of Information Napalm Records

MAJESTY release new studio diary – vocal recordings

26. October 2016

MAJESTY just released a new studio diary video about the vocal recordings for their new album. Singer Tarek gives an insight on the recording process and talks about how much the new release means to him.
If the video gets more than 100 „Thumbs Up“ on YouTube the band will tell the title of the new album.

So, don´t wait and give a thumbs up and don´t forget to subscribe to the channel of the band!

Check out the video here:

More info coming soon… stay tuned!


Source of Information: NoiseArt Records

Eternal Idol – new song with Fabio Lione

25. October 2016

Kapela Eternal Idol, with singer Fabio Lione who left Rhapsody of Fire published another song from their upcoming album The Unrevealed Secret . Its title is Evil Tears.










The Unrevealed Secret will be release 2. December.


Source of Information:


Trollfest – the first studio trailer for „Helluva“ released

26. October 2016

Norwegian Balkan metallers TROLLFEST are going to release their new Album “Helluva” on February 24th, 2017 via NoiseArt Records. And the seventh studio album promises to be a helluva album.
The Trolls once more bring their mix of extreme metal and balkan influences to a new level with an added Brass section, combined with more Kaos!

Today, the band just released the first studio trailer of “Helluva” via YouTube.

TROLLFEST states about the new album:
„Out of Kaos, into more Kaos!
We have been holding this close to our hearts for some time now, but finally, oh finally, the sweet release is upon us! Our new album is here! To our joy and satisfaction, it will be released February 24th, 2017! We call this beautiful baby HELLUVA, and she is the result of many long months of demoing, arranging, recording, re-recording, cutting, compressing, computing and confusing, laughing and loathing, singing and screaming, spitting and sneering.
The pride we have for this album is unfathomable, and we are so happy to finally share it with all our lovable fans!
Like the perfect omelette, we also busted quite a few eggs (braincells and bloodvessels) during this conception. So even though we still produce a helluva mess in the kitchen, the meals we make are always tasty to the EXTREME! So here we stand at the brink of the coming release, shivering with anticipation, ravenous for road rage and trembling with tenacity! HELLUVA comes with a 100% „Knock-your-socks-off guarantee“, that is a promise! LET’S GO!!!“

TROLLFEST have been proving that they are able to hold their liqueur for over 12 years. “Helluva” is helluva party, animated by exceptionally gifted people, and it is not only a lot of fun, but it lives up to the highest musical standards. The vocals that are sung in the band’s own “Trollspråk” (“Troll’s Language”) are as diverse as TROLLFEST’s instrumental madness, and it is just as skillful – elating, catchy, and perfect to babble along even after two, three, or 20 drinks.

Bottoms up, the TROLLFEST is coming nearer, and it demands a high-percentage sacrifice!



Source of Information: NoiseArt Records

Diphteria – videoclip for song One Eye Control

12. October 2016

Czech deathcorist Diphteria published videoclip for song One Eye Controlfrom The Human Exuberance album, which was released this year


Source of Information: Daniel Weis

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