Elena Tiron (Sun Q) – New album is like a big book with gloomy fairy tales in a beautiful hardcover

Russia, like the biggest country of the world has also rich rock metal scene. Some of Russian bands are famous in Europe at least (Arkona, Satarial), or they are on good way for it (Reds’Cool, Overwind, Estate). But there are bands, which still wait for discover. One of theese is rockers Sun Q from Moscow. Here you are, answers from vocalist Elena Tiron:

Hi! How are you?

Elena Tiron: Hello! We are fine. Summer isn’t very hot here in Moscow, but in our studio there is always good weather, so we spend most of our time there.

Could you tell us something about your band Sun Q?

Elena Tiron: Our music speaks best for us. We can only add that we are different and multifaceted. The band is about 4 years old, and who knows how many interesting things lie ahead …

You have released debut album Charms, what can fans await from it?

Elena Tiron: This album is like a big book with gloomy fairy tales in a beautiful hardcover. These are mysterious stories that are full of images and metaphors. If you love the good old rock and the vintage of sunny dusty festivals, and yet a deep sound and a magical atmosphere, then most likely you will love our creativity.

What was the process of creation of it?

Elena Tiron: The process was long and painstaking. We have long and stubbornly searched for the right guitar sound. We also had a lot of invited musicians. This complicates the work, but in the end we got rich and bright material. We put a lot of energy and emotions into the album, and the process of its creation was very cognitive for all of us.

Who is the main author of music and lyrics?

Elena Tiron: The author of music is Sun Q’s guitarist and ideological mastermind Ivan Shalimov. The texts I write, some lyrics were given to us by our friends (for example, Petals & Thorns and After This).

And what about concerts? Where could fans see you?

Elena Tiron: Now we are touring in Russia. We really want to go on a tour in Europe, so we hope that in the near future as many people as possible will see and hear us. Perhaps we will break out into some kind of music festivals.

What do you think about Russian metal scene?

Elena Tiron: Now in Russia post-punk is popular. And basically they advertise what’s in Russian. Singing in English here means that you will always be asked a question ‘Why not in Russian?’ Garage rock is small, but gradually this genre is developing.

For me, your music is combination of more genres, and it is really great! What are your favorite music bands, and where do you take inspirations? And what are possibilities for band playing music like your in Russia? 

Elena Tiron: Thank you! Nice to hear. We are inspired by different music. This is the legendary rockers from the 60’s, and neopsychodelic bands, and trip-hop, and avant-garde, jazz, classics… Our music can fit in some festivals that are held in Moscow, but still it is quiet underground music. Clubs are not difficult to find, it’s more difficult to promote your event, to make sure that your target audience comes to it.

Could you tell us something about members of the band, about your and their lives beside the band?

Elena Tiron: We all are engaged in music in one form or another outside the band. We believe that we must do what we love. This is the only way to achieve good results. And if you do what you like, then you do not even get old!

Ok, that was the last question. Thank you for the interview, and if you want to bequeath something to our fans so you have the opportunity 🙂

Elena Tiron: Listen to as much music as possible. Be nourished by it, share it with the world. Find your music and dissolve your problems in it. Music can cure and inspire to make great things. Support young musicians, join them in social media and write them your thoughts. They really need you, always! Thank you 🙂

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