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OOMPH! – Music Video Premiere For Second Single “Tausend Mann und ein Befehl”!

4. January 2019


Today’s the music video premiere of the brand new OOMPH! single “Tausend Mann und ein Befehl” of the upcoming studio album Ritual – out on January 18th.

CRAP, DERO und FLUX on the song and important message of the new single:
“We are very excited to show you our brandnew video of “TAUSEND MANN UND EIN BEFEHL” ! This song is about the tragedy of blindly following orders during warfare. Without a strict hierarchy most wars would certainly not happen.”



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Source of Information: Napalm Records Promotion Team, photo: Agata Nigrovskaya

Morlid – MORILD Unveil Debut Album Details!

3. January 2019


On February 1st 2019, the Copenhagen, Denmark based atmospheric black metal band MORILD (Danish for ‘phosphorescence’) will release its debut album entitled: Så kom mørket… 


  1. SaĚ? kom mørket og tog mig paĚ? ordet
  2. En sort sky af minder
  3. I afgørende stunder
  4. Frosset fast til mit indre
  5. Jeg haĚ?ber det forsvinder med lyset
  6. At dø eller blive fri

Photo: Mads Salbæk, artwork: Stine Juhl


Source of Information: Mona Miluski/ ALL NOIR

Postcards From Arkham – new videoclip, upcoming album

3. January 2019

Czech progressive black metal project POSTCARDS FROM ARKHAM started work on their upcoming album Øakvyl. They also published new videoclip for song Leviatan.


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WITCH HAMMER – new videoclip, upcoming single

3. January 2019

Czech hard/heavy metalists Witch Hammer published videoclip for song Moravska Orlice from their upcoming single, who will contain 3 songs.

This song is tribute to heavy metal legend Saxon. Director of this clip was – Pablo Mišun.


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