Criminal Element – Criminal Crime Time (ER)

Criminal Element Criminal coverNew York, New York. Legendary city. And despite that i have never visited it, i believe that it is the centre of artists. And also death/grind group Criminal Element. They are not newcomers, everything has begun in 2001, and Criminal Crime Time is CD with number 8. From my early childhood i love number eight, so let´s talk about this record.

First tones say a lot. Guitar riff in Gang Related balances somewhere between death/thrash, and chant is also between growl and melodic vocals, something like Nick Holmes on Shades of God. But what i most like on this song is the end of it- instrumental part contaning guitar solo.

Whole feeling- well made and on right wave length bearing intro. Title song start where the forerunner end, and also with the good ending with solo. Dissociative begin with suggestive speech, but it is similar like songs gefore- fast, full of energy.

I have to say, that whole album goes acording same formula, except tune with nuber 6, Falling Down, starting with psychoedelic intro. The last song called ,,The Bitch Set Me Up“, because this honey is instruction how to kick ass, way to the mosh pit or total destruction.

The time has come to talk about whole record. So, Criminal Crime Time contains 8 songs lasting somethnig about 4 minutes, except of two last. That mean speed, hardness, deployment. I know, we talk about death, but i will appreciate more diversity, beacuse some songs are to difficult to differentiate.

But on the other hand album is really compact, and all songs are really good. And i was also suprised by a lot of melodic parts – guitar solos. Lyrcis. Name of group, Cd, and songs tell a lot of. Violence, crimes, justice. I am not sure, if i want to know how much are they based on truth. But you know how they say.

Vocals are somewhere between growl and melodic, but sometimes we can hear ,,true growl“. So, it is 4,5/6


  • Vince Matthews – vocals
  • Maliq Emanuel – guitars
  • Terrance Hobbs – guitars
  • Derek Boyer – bass


  1. Gang Related
  2. Criminal Crime Time
  3. Dissociative
  4. Rampage
  5. Jails, Institutions & Death
  6. Falling Down
  7. Justice Denied
  8. The Bitch Set Me Up

Year of Release: 2015

Label: Metal Age Productions

Youtube teaser:


Score: 4,5

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