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The Black Dahlia Murder – new videoclip, upcoming album

24. April 2018


Melodic death metalists The Black Dhalia Murder will release new album Nightbringers this year via Metal Blade Records.


 Here is videoclip for song from it:


Source of Information:

Alia Tempora (CZ) released the second single feat. v Timo Somers (DELAIN)

23. April 2018

The Czech modern metal band Alia Tempora released a new single Black ‘n‘ White. It was created together with Tim Somers from Delain. You can order it on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon etc…

Or hear it here:


Source of Information: Alia Tempora Press

EXORCIZPHOBIA. – „About Us Without Us“ – CD-DIGIPACK (31. March 2018)

21. April 2018


Czech thrashers Exorcizphobia released new album About Us Without Us and currently they’re on European tour.

  1. Lost Again
  2. Planet-Penitentiary
  3. Relationshit
  4. Gypsy Rock’n’roller
  5. Beggars Of Today
  6. Time Does Not Heal
  7. About Us Without Us
  8. Just One Shot
  9. The Rats In The Walls

Recorded in Pulton studio, Fall 2017
Mastered by Michal Martinec
Produced by Michal Martinec and Tomáš Skořepa

Artwork by Josef Bavor

Tomáš Skořepa – rhytm guitars, vocals
Ondřej Šíma – lead guitar
Jan Erben – bass
Filip Kudrna – drums

Guest: Jaroslav Goya Chvoj – bass (6)

Order on:

Source of Information: Support Underground

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