Illumenium – Underdogs (ER)

We can do marceting in many ways, mainly in metal underground. One example – rock band Illumenium from Estonia travel across the whole Europe, plays gigs, and talk with people who meet in city. And they can buy album from them. Alike I – their new album Underdogs.

Dream Destroyer such as first song introduce record of Illumenium in the best way. On guitars build mix of rock, hardrock, alternative, sometimes metal. Clean vocals are wisely alternated by some scream/growls.

Perfect music, which is typical for all of 18 songs. Yes, I know in these days i tis little higher amount of tunes. But Underdogs never start boredoom. It flows in wide genre tracks, and every signle song is pure original, great and strong. Personally I have to admire melancholisc atmosphere of music.

I tis hard to pick up some songs. But very interesting is double cover Hendrix Killed Despacito (Cover Jimi Hendrix, Luis Fonsi) and the last and self-titled song on the album, where we can also hear some hip-hop. Or hop-hip- new genre created by band.

In Slovakia we say that good is not in big amount, but Underdogs show us opposite. 18 songs, but no weak place. And if you sumu pit with original, great music, result is clear. 5.5/6


  • Kari Kärner – vocals
  • Andre Kaldas – vocals
  • Kevin Presmann – guitars
  • Romy Leis – guitars
  • Karli Raaga – bass
  • Raigo Tüür – drums


  1. Dream Destroyer
  2. System Is Down
  3. Save Us From Religion 3
  4. Hurry Up
  5. Save The World
  6. Ain´t No Love
  7. Whiskey
  8. Self-Esteem NFS
  9. Requiem
  10. Hendrix Killed Despacito (Cover Jimi Hendrix, Luis Fonsi)
  11. Secret of Life
  12. After Rain
  13. Young When 69
  14. Elysium (J. Kusplan)
  15. Trash
  16. Juads Kiss
  17. Anti-Ballad
  18. Underdogs

Year of Release: 2019

Label: Self-Released

Youtube teaser:


Score: 5,5/6

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