Interview with Gábor Nagy from Wisdom from day 25. September 2013


New CD Marching of Liberty of hungarian melodic power metal band Wisdom, is in my opinion one of bests released albums this year. Here you are, their singer Gábor Nagy:

Hello Gábor, let’s go. Now I am listening Marching of Liberty and it is so so great. Could you tell something more about it?

Gábor: Hello, thank you for your kind words, I’m glad to hear that you like our new album, hope that many other people could say the same after they got it. The new album is the first in Wisdom’s life when the whole band could write songs or song-parts on it, and we worked with a professional choir, what makes the choruses more monumental than before.

What was the process of its creation? How and when the songs started to arise and what are their themes? (Especially my favorite Marching for Liberty)

Gábor: Mostly KG wrote the songs and Máté M. wrote the lyrics and put onto the melodies. KG used to say that if a song can be played and singed well with only (campfire) chords it should be working with a metal orchestration too. He created the new sound and the mix as well, because he is our sound engineer too 🙂 As I mentioned before this is the first album that has songs from other members, this time it’s Balu an me.

Next question will be about choirs, which are really great on this album. Who were the people to sing these parts?

Gábor: To tell the truth I haven’t met them personally, but I think they made a brilliant job.

How will you operate choirs on your gigs? Will you use the samplers or there will be some real choir groups?

Gábor: Hey it’s a good question. I don’t know. Some members say it would be great, because it makes our show more like on the Records, but some say it would become too plastic, a fake thing because it’s not live. So we are “arguing” about this thing often 🙂  There’s no decision made yet.

You also changed the label this time. From Soundholic Co. Ltd. you went to NoiseArt Records. What was the reason?

Gábor: Yes, the reason was simple. NoiseArt Records is a innovative well working label which sends their bands on tour with other bigger bands. Also they cooperate with Rock The Nation. They want to sell products from their bands and they say the only way is that the audience’s have to see them in live before and know the band is active. If they like the show maybe they come to another show and get some goods from the band. It’s good for the label because they can make money, good for the band because more people could know them and good for the audience, because they can find new bands they like and they can see them in live without another ticket cost. I think this is the only way nowadays. Go on tour with bigger, experienced bands.

What can you tell about this year’s summer season?

Gábor: It was peaceful because we could undertake just a couple of shows because we had to work on the new album. But the shows were fantastic, maybe sometimes a bit complicated, but awesome 🙂

Within tour with Sabaton and Eluveitie you played also in Slovakia. How did you like it?

Gábor: Funny, it was a fantastic show. I was really sick, because some days before I’ve totally lost my voice, but we said we never want to cancel any shows in the future, so we played. I think that concert was more like a melodic metal concert with a drunken thrash metal singer’s voice than a traditional Wisdom show 😀  Maybe next time we can show our true face. But the audience was great, they said it wasn’t a problem and they appreciated that we played in spite of my sickness. So I hope we can go back there soon 🙂

Is there any chance that you will come here again?

Gábor: Dunno yet, but I hope so and I’m sure that we will someday.

Now you are preparing concerts together with Powerwolf, Majesty, and Battle Beast. What are your expectations?

Gábor: I can’t wait. It’s like Christmas time for me. I like all the bands on the tour and can’t stop listening to Powerwolf’s and Battle Beast’s new record. My expectation is to make a freakin’ great tour with some freakin’ awesome bands for some bloody awesome audience 🙂

Last year you made a change in your lineup, guitarist Dimme was replaced with Máté Bodor. What was the reason?

Gábor: Yeah it’s a long story and not that interesting. So I say the short version. Zsolt wanted to play different kind of music and he left. There were some personal things behind the scenes but I don’t know too much about it and I’m sure I don’t want to. I wished him good luck when he made his choice. But additionally I think he’s a great guitarist, so he shouldn’t be wasting his talent.

How are you satisfied with Máté?

Gábor: He is an old friend of mine and I knew that he’s a brilliant musician and how could we be dissatisfied with him? He plays well, good on stage and also has a good personality.

Could you tell about your musician’s beginnings? Which song or which idea convinced you that you will be a singer?

Gábor: There wasn’t a song or idea, there was a man. I loved and respected him as a father and he died in his young ages. I was 18 and crushed. I had to find some way to give out my anger and pain. On an x-mas concert there were one of my friends and he introduced me to a bass player who was looking for a singer. This was how my way started as a singer. I felt myself better and better when I sang and felt worse when I didn’t. So this was the way out from my pains…

Have you ever thought about releasing album with orchestra?

Gábor: It would be great but, there are many other bands make orchestral metal nowadays, I don’t think that we should make another one. But never say never. Who knows? 🙂

What do you think about recent power metal scene? Many people say that this genre is exhausted?

Gábor: Yeah many say this many say that… I think the same about many other music styles or styles in metal. Who cares that there’s no new thing in a music? If a band can write good songs, or they have a good atmosphere I don’t care. If I like it I’m gonna listen to it in spite of how “exhausted” a genre is that or not.

Ok, thanks a lot for the interview. And I would like to ask you for some message for visitors of my web.

Gábor: Thank you too. I can say that never give up guys nothing in spite of some hard times. Work hard, be persistent and you get the chance to earn your goals in life. It seems it works for me. Hope to see you on our shows, take care!

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