Andy (Stormwitch) – ,,We wanted to get back to the source from which we come…”

andy stormwitch singerAfter long 11 years, German 80-teen legend Stormwtich released new album – Season of the Witch. They have some changes in their lineup, bud they still very good German band. Read the interview with singer Andy:

Hello Andy. You have done your new album Season of the Witch after 11 years. My first question is, why it takes so long time?

Andy : It all happened in 2010, when Stoney joined the band.

His blood resurrected the witch. He comes from the same era as me and has the same roots, it just fits together.

It was further delayed through illness of Stoney and he has to stay in hospital. It lasted for a while till he has recovered again and we could carry on.

In my opinion, it´s sound pretty good, but I think that is little bit more melodic and less resolute like your classic albums from 80s. Was it an intention?

Andy: We wanted to get back to the source from which we come and this is  the eighties metal. And so the album sounds.

Please, could you tell me something more about lyrics of these songs?

Andy: The lyrics are typical Stormwitch witches, culture and imagination. The lyrics of Evil Sprit are Goethe “Faust” 🙂


You have some changes despite your last album Witchcraft. You changed your label Nuclear Blast to Massacre Records and you also take new members: guitarist Volker Schmietow and drummer Micha Kasper. Why?

Andy: Stoney got the new deal with Massacre Records. He managed the band and is the leader. He did a great job.

Stoney brought Volker into the Band after we decided, we need a second guitarist in the same age as the rest of the band. Also he brought Micha into the band, because he knows him since 1990 from his old band Lyon.

Could you tell me something more about them?

Andy: Micha is great drummer he helped us already in the recording of Season of the witch. Because he did before a lot of studio jobs.

Volker played before in a band called Late Nite Romeo and he his a pure Rock’n Roller the opposite of Stoney. Stoney is a master of technical guitar player and absolute amazing.

Did they participate on the songwriting process?

Andy: No, only me and Stoney are the songwriters in the band. This simple because we both are a good Team. My currency is never change are running system.


Upcoming shows

What will be next countries, where you will tour to support Season of the Witch?

Andy: Take a look at our Homepage or Facebook Site, there all dates for the up coming shows.

And have you got some confirmed dates of summer Festivals ?

Andy: Yes, they also on our Homepage and Facebook Site (Bang Your Head Festival, Headbanger Open Air and many more).

Do you plan to play also in our country – Slovakia?

Andy: I don’t know, you have to ask Stoney, he did the booking for us too.

Could you tell me now, which songs from your new album will you play on your gigs?

Andy: We changed our set from show to show, but I know “Season of the witch” and “Last warrior” are always stay in the set.

Ordinary life

What are interests and hobbies of your current members?

Andy: You have to ask them self. We don’t talk about that.

You are on the metal scene for a long time, but your voice is still great. Do you making some special care for it?

Andy: No, I do nothing special.

In your opinion, what are the biggest changers on current metal scene unlike the 80s?

Andy: I think the changes are go back to the 80s metal and I’m very happy about that trend 🙂

Ok, that was the last questions. Thanks for the interview and I would like to ask you for some messages for my readers.

Andy: Beware of the witch, she is still alive! 😉

Photo: Stormwitch

Thanks Lesny Trol for help with this interview 🙂

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