Final Solution – Through the Looking Glass (ER)

Final Solution Through coverJust few days after Christmas I got a duty to write a review on debut Cd of Italian group Final Solution called Through the looking glass. I have some experience with Italian metal music before, so I was really looking forward to this album.

Introduction – something about Final Solution. They have started like group which plays covers of melodeath songs from groups such as Soilwork, In Flames, At The Gates… But in their new album there are no link to deathmetal. More likely power and heavy metal. But let′s take it by sequel.

Everything starts with dramatic and almost movie instrumental intro Awakening, which  follows 7 ,,regular“ songs. First of them Sick Of You, agile song show the way of the whole album. The strongest aspect of it is great feel for melodiousness.

But the next song, Demon Inside put this aspect into the highest level, and show the elements of power metal, concrete high vocals of lead singer Mario, who wisely change it with ,,the lowest one“ vocals.

Accurate this vocal range and diversity with melodic music I consider for best elements of Final Solution. Empty Walls is harder than other songs, The Show Is On Too. (R)evolution is totally different from another tunes. It is because of piano and classical music was used to create it. Short instrumental intermezzo.

Next, Dogs Of War is the best song on the whole album for me, and maybe the hardest one, with riffs which sound me similar to Korn (compliment 🙂 ). And if we sum to this melodic refrain, great result is possible to listen. And in the end, song Gray, which follows his ancestors.

Final Solution made energy bomb. Combination of power metal and heavy metal leads in this case to the strong instrumental page, when melodic passages alternate with harder ones. For me, the best is melodic aspect of it, and it doesn′t matter if we speak about guitar solos, melodic refrains…

I think that in this genre is problem to differentiate among songs, and often sound much similar. But Through the Looking Glass is another case. Every song is original track with ,,own story“.

Next positive aspect of this album is vocal. Mario, such as a new singer made his job really really super. But maybe it is paradox, but I liked more his low vocals than the highest one.

So in conclusion. Everything lead to the result 5/6.


  • Mario Manenti – vocals
  • Fabio Pedrali – guitars
  • Alessandro Martinelli- guitars
  • Gabriele Savoldi – bass
  • Gianluca Borlotti – drums


  1. Awakening
  2. Sick of You
  3. Demon Inside
  4. Empty Walls
  5. The Show Is In
  6. (R)evolution
  7. Dogs of War
  8. Grey

Year of Release: 2016

Label: logic(il)logic Records

Youtube teaser:


Score: 4/6

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