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ORDEN OGAN – Upcoming album

11. April 2017

German power metalists ORGDEN OGAN will release new studio album GUNMEN on 7. July.











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Wind Rose – lyric video for single from their upcoming album

11. April 2017

The folk/power metal band WIND ROSE just released a lyric video for the track “The Wolves’ Call” from their new album “Stonehymn”. The album will be released on May 26th in Europe and North America through Inner Wound Recordings.



Source of Information: Inner Wound Recordings

Ex members of Crucified Barbara formed new band

8. April 2017

New members of CRUCIFIED BARBARA –  Klara “Force” Rönnqvist Fors, Ida “Evileye” Stenbacka and Nikki Wicked together with bass player Jonas “Skinny Disco” Kangur  (Deathstars) and singer Pepper Potemkin formed new band – THE HEARD

  • Pepper Potemkin – vocals
  • Klara Force (CRUCIFIED BARBARA) – guitars
  • Jonas “Skinny Disco” Kangur (DEATHSTARS) – guitars
  • Ida Evileye (CRUCIFIED BARBARA) – bass
  • Nikki Wicked (CRUCIFIED BARBARA) – drums



Photo: Mattias Nilsson

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BLOODCUT – “The Old Cemetery Stories” CD-DIGIPACK (14.04.2017)


Slovak old school death metal band Bloodcut released their debut “The Old Cemetery Stories”.

  1. Opening the Coffin
  2. Strange Family Secrets
  3. Horrible Experience
  4. Left to Rot
  5. House of Blood
  6. We are Zombies
  7. Flesh Eaters

Special Bonus: Demo “Remains of the Deceased”

  1. Cemetery Party
  2. Necromarch
  3. Still Undead
  4. Back from the Dead

All Music by Bloodcut
All Lyrics by Janek

Tracks 1-7:
Recorded, mixed and mastered
in January/February 2017 at SPK Audio studio
Recorded by Miro Spevák

Tracks 8-11:
Recorded, mixed and mastered
in December 2015 at SPK Audio studio
Recorded by Miro Spevák

Cover artwork by Adam Šluch
Graphic design by Martin Rytych


  • Janek – guitar, vocals, programming
  • Slavek – bass

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