Electric Lords – High Voltage Kingdom (ER)

Such as electrician, I should like this side of physic. Physic is my love, so this condition is executed, and I have to take for reviewing album from Russian stoner/psychedelic rock band Electric Lords with significant name High Voltage Kingdom.

And this all happen despite it that I am only weak current electrician (difference of one ampere). But now let′s talk without humour. This CD is debut of this young band, so everyone could be really curious about it.

Everything starts with Free Your Anger. Great stoner riff flowing through all song in middle tempo. Wheels (To Fast To Live) is just a bit faster one, and such as bonus (or gift) nice guitar solo. Message From Buddha is song, where we can hear some influence of psychedelic rock, and thanks to sludge perfect atmosphere, I will put it into best songs on the whole High Voltage Kingdom. Vultures and Lost City Slut then return back to the stoner feeling.

Nearly always, I like when end of the one tune prepare us for the next one. Like Lost City Slut, which make road to the best song on the album- Red Desert. I fall in love with it immediately, mainly thanks to psychedelic atmosphere. Big adoration. Almost punk-rock beginning of Magic World adumbrate next fresh piece, which together with Electric Lover close the CD.

So, What we can tell about High Voltage Kingdom? The best word to characterize it is stoner rock, because High Voltage Kingdom is full of sludge riffs, which are sometimes put together with psychedelic. And right that songs, where are significant influence of psychedelic are the best for me.

To understand me, it does not mean that other tunes are bad, but in Red Desert and Message From Buddha breathe great psych atmosphere from every ton. Lovers of metal music will be maybe little chagrin, because rock is dominant genre. And the same case with fans of melodicism, because there are not much of these passages.

All songs flow in the middle tempo, some of them go little more faster. All are compose into simple structure, so they are easy to memorize it. Signer Vladimir use only clean vocals, and done his job also on a high level. Only one negative, what I found on this CD is flatness of some songs, for me Vultures, Electric Lover, and personally, I will appreciate more atmospheric tunes.

But still, High Voltage Kingdom is fresh rock album, which will be joy for many lovers of good stoner.


  • Vladimir Kuhto – guitar, vox
  • Denis Kartsev – drums
  • Pavel Ivochkin – guitar
  • Vasiliy Falk – bass


  1. Free Your Anger
  2. Wheels (Too Fast To Live)
  3. Message From Buddha
  4. Vultures
  5. Lost City Slut
  6. Red Desert
  7. Magic World (feat. Astro)
  8. Electric Lover (live from DTH Studios)

Year of Release: 2016

Label: Indipendent

Youtube teaser:


Score: 4,5/6

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