Ignore the Sign – A Line to Cross (ER)

Ignore the Sign A Line coverSuper groups are quite common things in the world of music. I suppose that everyone know one band of that kind, at minimal.

One of them is also Ignore the Sign from Germany, with members such as Ossy Pfeifer (Human Fortress, Moon’Doc), Anca Graterol (Rosy Vista), Steve Mann (MSG, ex The Sweet), Lars Lehmann (UFO, Uli Jon Roth).

And these musicians prepare for us their debut album A Line to Cross this February.

Immediately the first song Saviors Of Rock show us the way, we will walk through during listening to this album, and the name of the song can be consider as some herald. Energic, fresh rock with the significant vocals, strong guitar melodicism and bisexual vocals.

Pleasing beginning and we can continue with the title tune, which little slow down, and we can sink into the calm waters. No Way Home is then more fast and hard again, and I will pick up it together with Silver Wind such as a best piece on the whole album.

Number four take Brother – again calmer and more slow song. And this is the way, how we can describe the whole A Line to Cross. Faster and harder songs are alternated with the slower one. But I have to add, that these alternation only enrich the album.

Also the instrumental side of it is rich and ,,colourful“ in every single song. Significant keyboards, guitars playing many great riffs and melodic parts, and mainly alternation of vocals. And right this element is the strongest weapon of Ignore the Sign.

All vocalist done great work, and put music on A Line to Cross into the higher level. But to be honest, I have to admire all musicians from Ignore the Sign, because all of them done his job more than good.

The only one negative of this Cd was indistiction of some songs. It is hard to say, if the best tunes give me expectations very high, but pieces like Can’t Find The Door, Brother,  God With or Million Faces weren′t nothing for me.

But it is not problem, because Ignore the Sign prepare for us very good album, full of fresh and optimistic rock. I suppose, that it will impress many people.


  • Ossy Pfeiffer – vocals, keyboards
  • Anca Graterol – vocals, guitars
  • Steve Mann – guitars
  • Lars Lehmann – bass
  • Momme Boe – percussion
  • Kristof Hinz – drums


  1. Saviors Of Rock
  2. Line To Cross
  3. No Way Home
  4. Brother
  5. The Story Isn’t Over
  6. When Words Ain’t Enough
  7. God With A Million Faces
  8. Sweet Lady
  9. Days Of Thunder
  10. Behind The Wall
  11. Can’t Find The Door
  12. Silver Wind
  13. Looking In The Sun

Year of Release: 2018

Label: Steamhammer/SPV

Youtube teaser:


Score: 4,5/6

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