Lelahell – Alif (ER)

Lelahell Alif coverI have to admit something again. Despite the rich, famous and interesting history of Algeria, I have never before get in touch with some art from this country. Until this days, when I get album Alif released by Slovakian Metal Age Productions from band (or one man band)  Lelahell.

Immediately, the first seconds of Alif are clear evidence of fact, that great metal bands can came from quite exotic countries. Lelahell has prepared for us wise, on a high instrumental level with some influence of traditional music technical death metal, which is very hard to find out somewhere else.

Redouane such as a leader of the band made his job absolutely perfect- many great riffs, breathtaking solos, also has recorded bass parts, and of course has sung- both growls and screams too.

BTW, in his country is quite important and famous person in metal scene. Anyway, for us in Europe is better known Hannes Grossmann with his drums, and destroy everything too with high frequency. 🙂

So, in result we can hear 10 technical death metal diamonds- fast tempo is alternated by middle, wise compositions, instrumental side without any fault. Plus some smell of traditional culture. But to understand it, don´t await something on a folk metal style, where is some traditional music behind every riff.

No, on Alif is this element, somewhere behind everything, sometimes take more places, but has important impact on the atmosphere of the story. We get now to the next good aspect of album- lyrical concept held on every album from Lelahell, story of man Abderrahman.

What to say at the end. Technical death metal from Algeria could sound to someone exotic, but there are millions reasons to give it chance. Pure masterpiece in every second.


  • Redouane Aouameur- guitars, bass, vocals


  • Hannes Grossmann – drums


  1. Paramnesia
  2. Ignis Fatuus
  3. Thou Shalt Not Kill
  4. Ribat Essalam
  5. Adam the First
  6. The Fifth
  7. Insiraf/Martyr
  8. Litham (The Reach of the Kal Asuf)
  9. Parasits
  10. Impunity of the Mutants

Year of Release: 2018

Label: Metal Age Productions

Youtube teaser:


Score: 6/6

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