Labyrinthus Noctis – Opting For the Quasi-Steady State Cosmology (ER)

Nowadays, it is quite usual thing to play music with sign of progressive. Probably everyone know some bands which plays this genre. But it is bigger success to find out band, which word progressive put into the highest level.

I was also big problem for me until these days, when I got for reviewing third album of Italian band Labyrinthus Noctis with hard to remember name Opting For The Quasi-Steady State Cosmology (from this moment only QFTQSSC).

And immediately the first song Reaching The Last Scattering Surface is evidence of my words about high level of music. Melancholic mixture of progressive rock-doom-electro folk and whatever else show us, that also non commercial music could be attractive for masses.

In the final result we get perfect mix of genres which evocative melancholy in us, but is still more than only interesting. Here I have to also admire new vocalist Ivy, who present her vocal range with enormous elegance. Plus physical theme like a bonus for all fans of queen of science. So, also for me :-).

We go in this tracks across the whole record- in 12 songs and instrumental folk tune Hydrocarbon Lakes, which is one of the best. I should also mention cover of known song Padre Davvero from Mia Martini, which group re-made on a great doom version. But one important note. Music on this album is simply great and on a high level, but it will be probably more for fans of progressive rock than fans of extreme genres.

But who knows, because Lybyrinthus Noctis prepar for everyone 13 great mixture of many genres, and there is no song like any other. Of course, they also guitarist Moreno sometimes play more hard, but as I have mentioned, you should await progressive rock with doom-electro-some folk elements.

Anyway, everyone can bet, that QFTQSSC is super temporal album full of fantastic music. And you don´t need to be fan of physic.


  • Ivy – Vocals
  • Moreno – Guitars & Stars
  • Sin – Bass & Cosmos
  • Ark – Keyboards, Sinth & Eff
  • Aeb – Earthquake Drums


  • Chiara Tricarico – vocals (2)
  • Oxana Shenchenko – vocals (Russian, 7)


  1. Reaching the Last Scattering Surface
  2. Cygnus X-1
  3. M E L A N C H O L I A
  4. Negentropy
  5. Lament of Melusine
  6. Linear A
  7. Kosmonaut Vladimir Komarov
  8. Amborella Trichopoda
  9. Noctis Labyrinthus
  10. Hydrocarbon Lakes
  11. Kiss the Scorpion, or the Ballade of Lilith And Mars
  12. Wings of Honneamise
  13. Padre davvero (Mia Martini cover)

Year of Release: 2018

Label: Vomit Arcanus Productions

Youtube teaser:


Score: 6/6

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