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Dust Bolt – new album Another Day In Hell

18 January 2019

dubNiklas Niessner

This day was released new album by German thrash/crossoverists Dust Bolt – Another Day In Hell.



  1. The Fourth Strike
  2. Dead Inside
  3. The Bad Ad
  4. Bloody Rain
  5. Rhythm To My Madness
  6. Shed My Skin
  7. Killing Time
  8. Trapped In Chaos
  9. Another Day In Hell

DUST BOLT emerged in 2006 to encrust Germany and the rest of the world in hefty, Bay Area-influenced thrash metal featuring crossover influences and killer melodies. The four piece elevates it‘s trademark sound to perfection on fourth album Trapped in Chaos: profound lyrics, dark melodies and pure hostility are the ultimate recipe for a thrashfest between retro and modern.


Source of Information: Napalm Records Promotion Team, foto: Niklas Niessner

VISIONS OF ATLANTIS – New Video For “Words Of War” New Live Album Out February 22nd

17 January 2019


Symphonic metal masters VISIONS OF ATLANTIS reveal a brand new lyric video for the live version of “Words Of War“.

The band on the video and the upcoming live activities:
“After a successful Tour which was the first as co-headliner, we are really excited to present „Words Of War“  in its live version. The promotion for our very first live album will bring Visions Of Atlantis over the Atlantic to the 70,000 tons of Metal cruise, Mexico, a South American tour and back to the venues all around Europe as special guest for KAMELOT & EVERGREY.”

Atmosphere and power in perfection – VISIONS OF ATLANTIS live!

VISIONS OF ATLANTIS take you to a world of myths, tales and the long forgotten seas: With a unique mixture of symphonic metal and power metal, paired with a fantastic female/male vocal duo, the Austrian quintet has been enchanting the metal world since 2000.

On February 22nd 2019 the band will release its very first live album: The Deep & The Dark Live @ Symphonic Metal Nights proves that Visions Of Atlantis are at the top of their genre when it comes to atmosphere and live skills. With focus on songs of the latest studio album THE DEEP & THE DARK (2018), this live opus pushes the mystical adventure of VISIONS OF ATLANTIS to another level – powerful and perfectly executed.



  1. Intro
  2. The Deep & The Dark
  3. New Dawn
  4. Book Of Nature
  5. Ritual Night
  6. Siegfried’s Farewell
  7. Lost
  8. The Silent Mutiny
  9. The Last Home
  10. Words of War
  11. The Grand Illusion
  12. Passing Dead End
  13. Return To Lemuria


Source of Information: Napalm Records Promotion Team, Photo: Emilie Garcin

End of Silence – Sign With Wormholedeath And Announce “Sail To The Sunset” Album Release Date!

16 January 2019


Swiss astonishing metal combo END OF SILENCE are glad to announce that they have signed a deal with WormHoleDeath for the release of their sophomore album “Sail To The Sunset”.

“If you set sails and start your journey, ther’s no way back. You need to fight the waves and the loneliness of the deep blue. But there’s always hope and there’s always a destination, that makes you feel strong and immortal. The new album “Sail to the Sunset” will take you to new horizons and will tell you what the story is about, how important it is to believe in yourself and the humans next to you.”

“Sail To The Sunset” will be released on 15 February 2019 via Wormholedeath / The Orchard / Aural Music Group/ Wormholedeath USA.



  1. Lost And Free (Intro)
  2. Sail To The Sunset
  3. Anchor
  4. We Are The Fallen, We Are The Warriors
  5. One Of Those Days
  6. Mask Of Doom (Interlude)
  7. Unspoken Truth
  8. Edge Of The Road
  9. A Million Miles Away (2018 Edition)
  10. F@#k Off!
  11. Blind Hearts
  12. Cross The Line
  13. Save The World



Source of Information: WormHoledeath Press

Jakub Tirco/Ions – upcoming album

17 January 2019



In July 2016, Jakub Tirco released his first solo release under the title ‘Introspection’. Despite originally being written as instrumental, Jakub approached Tomas Shorty Lago,

who eventually wrote and performed vocal parts on all four tracks of the record. The drummer on Introspection was talented young Christopher Geci.

One year later, Jakub brings the trio back to life, and they start recording material for the new album which they end up labelling as IONS. In late mixing stages, the band agrees that it’s become a collaborative effort rather than product of a single mind, and decides to change their title to IONS.

“When I write music, I try to create a vibe, an atmosphere. Working with people such as Shorty and Christopher enables me not only to maintain that vibe, but to think about music in completely different ways. They’ve had a massive impact on the technicality of the record, while still keeping it very musical.” – says Jakub.

While Introspection was based on self-reflection and egos manifesting in our lives in ways which often interfere with our self-development, ‘IONS’ offers a deeper look at the outside world from a slightly different perspective.

Their new self-titled album ‘IONS’ is due on January 25, 2019.



  1. The Cage of Time
  2. After Us The Flood
  3. Hibernation
  4. The Moon
  5. In Your Heart
  6. Hero
  7. What You Hear Is All There Is
  8. Callousness
  9. Daydreamers
  10. At The Eleventh Hour
  11. Misunderstanding



AVAILABLE ON: Most digital services (iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, YouTube, Bandcamp,…)

Composed, produced and mixed by Jakub Tirco

Vocals and lyrics by Shorty Lago

Performed by:

  • Jakub Tirco – guitars, bass, backing vocals, samples
  • Tomas ‘Shorty’ Lago – Vocals
  • Christopher Geci – drums

ARTWORK: Adam Pizurny

ARTWORK: Adam Pizurny

MASTERING: Ermin Hamidovic

Drums recorded at Umpax Studio, Prešov, Slovakia

Source of Information: Jakub Tirco

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