News from artists Slipknot, Keep of Kalessin, Abyss Above, Zodiac

Slipknot without Chris Fehen

18. March 2019


Chris Fehen left Slipknot. He accused frontman Corey that he stolen money.

Chris announced on his twiter: ,, You think that’s dickish, try being wrongfully accused of stealing money from someone you cared about, and having a lot of your fans believe it…“


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Keep of Kalessin – searching for new drummer

18. March 2019


Keep of Kalessin are searching for new drummer. Man who replaced Vyl would be also someone from fans. Band announced:

  1. Record yourself on video playing these two songs: Dark Divinity, Universal Core
  2. Post it to the official Keep Of Kalessin facebook-group for us and our fans to watch.

They also please their fans for sharing this advertisement


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Abyss Above – upcoming EP, new drummer

19. March 2019


Slovak deathcorists Abyss Above informed, that he are working on new EP. Its title is DOOMBOUND. He also have new drummer – Jozef Ronto.


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Zodiac – upcoming album

18. March 2019


Czech death/thrashers Zodiac will release new album Straving for Flesh on 4. April.



  1. Starving for Flesh
  2. The Lovemaker
  3. Warrior’s Heart
  4. Paralyzed by Fear
  5. Rapture in Darkness
  6. Forsaken, Cold & Empty
  7. The Reawakening
  8. Be Ready
  9. Rotten



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