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BEAST IN BLACK – new single “One Night In Tokyo” comes with stunning music video

1. October 2021

Beast in Dive deep into the exciting energy of an alluring night in Japan’s capital with all it’s flashing nights and dangerous temptations around every corner.

This day, metal heroes release their new single “One Night In Tokyo” – the second single of their upcoming album “Dark Connection”, that will see light on October 29th.

Beast in


  1. Blade Runner
  2. Bella Donna
  3. Highway to Mars
  4. Hardcore
  5. One Night in Tokyo
  6. Moonlight Rendezvous
  7. Revengeance Machine
  8. Dark New World
  9. To the Last Drop of Blood
  10. Broken Survivors
  11. My Dystopia
  12. Battle Hymn (Manowar cover)
  13. They Don’t Care About Us (Michael Jackson cover)

Listen to “One Night In Tokyo” here:

Guitarist Anton Kabanen states,

”What could be better than spending one night in Tokyo? That’s right, nothing. If this hyper uplifting and max powered heavy metal hybrid of italo disco and eurobeat doesn’t get you electrified and flying through the futuristic dreamscapes of mesmerizing and exciting Tokyo, then you’re just not crazy, mad and insane enough for a journey where only Beast In Black can take you. If you’re with us, you better buckle up for a manic ride on the savage Beast!”

The first single:
Moonlight Rendezvous:

“Dark Connection” will be available as digital album, CD, Black Vinyl, Clear/Sky Blue Marbled Vinyl [limited to 300 pieces], Blue Transparent Vinyl [UK exclusive, limited to 300 pieces], Red/Ocean Blue Splattered Vinyl [Bravado Exclusive, limited to 300 pieces], White/Red Inkspot Vinyl [EMP exclusive, limited to 300 pieces] and Purple/Silver Inkspot Vinyl [US exclusive, limited to 300 pieces].


Source of Information: NUCLEAR BLAST Leoni Dowidat

BURNING POINT Shares Brand New Song From Upcoming Album “Arsonist Of The Soul”! Out on October 22, 2021 through AFM Records!

1. October 2021

Burning Point

Following their latest, much acclaimed album, The Blaze (2016), Finland’s melodic heavy and power metal force BURNING POINT is gearing up for the release of their forthcoming, eight studio album;  Arsonist Of The Soul will be out on October 22, 2021 through AFM Records.

For more than two decades of existence, mastermind/guitarist/songwriter Pete Ahonen always kept the ship on route, his clear vision and artistic integrity made BURNING POINT one of the most reliable purveyors of excellent classic power and heavy metal.

After handling the vocals on his own from the band’s foundation in 1999 up until the arrival of Nitte Valo (ex-Battle Beast) in 2015, on their upcoming album BURNING POINT introduces their new vocalist Luca Sturniolo.

Replacing Valo, Sturniolo turns out to be quite a discovery; his powerful, varied vocals perfectly match with Ahonen’s fiery fretwork and strong, experienced songwriting. Besides Ahonen, Sturniolo and Pekka Kolivuori, now bassist Jarkko Poussu (ex-member of Finnish thrash pioneers A.R.G.), Tuomas Jaatinen on drums and Matti Halonen (Keyboards) have joined BURNING POINT.

“I am extremely happy about the new line-up and the new record. All the guys are very, very talented and excited!“, Ahonen recently said. But give ear, after previously- released singles, Blast In The Past as well as the blistering album title track ( Listen HERE! ), today BURNING POINT have unleashed another killer appetizer taken from Arsonist Of The Soul, as their new single “Hit The Night” has just been premiered!

“Musically it’s a great mix of Judas Priest (Painkiller era) with a huge stadionsize chorus you can pump your fist and bang your head!” 

Says Pete about the new song. Vocalist Luca adds: “The night is normally the moment when people go out to have fun, escaping from the avarage life, the cage where they are prisoned doing most of the times a job they don’t like to make out their living, so hit the night regenerate your soul till the morning light.”

Burning The Blaze cover


  1. Blast in the Past
  2. Rules the Universe
  3. Out of Control (Savage Animals)
  4. Persona Non Grata
  5. Arsonist of the Soul
  6. Hit the Night
  7. Running in the Darkness
  8. Calling
  9. Off the Radar
  10. Fire with Fire
  11. Will I Rise with the Sun
  12. Eternal Life

Check out BURNING POINT’s brand new single “Hit The Night” here:

Previsious singles:
Blast In The Past:
Arsonist Of The Soul:


Source of Information: ALL NOIR/Mona Miluski

Hypocrisy – Release Music Video For Second Single “Dead World”

1. October 2021

hypocrisyWith governments finally admitting that UFOs do in fact exist, and humanity attempting to heal from a state of the recent crisis, the timing couldn’t be more appropriate for the newest addition to the HYPOCRISY catalog: WORSHIP Nuclear Blast Records.

hypocrisy cover


  1. Worship
  2. Chemical Whore
  3. Greedy Bastards
  4. Dead World
  5. We’re the Walking Dead
  6. Brotherhood of the Serpent
  7. Children of the Gray
  8. Another Day
  9. They Will Arrive
  10. Bug in the Net
  11. Gods of the Underground

This day the band releases the music video for the second single, “Dead World”. Watch the video directed by Andrey Kezzyn and Cooldown Production,

Peter Tägtgren comments:

“Dead World’ is a song that Sebastian wrote for our father/son project that never saw the light of day. When he started playing the song, I felt that the world needs to hear this crushing song asap as the groove and tempo blew my mind. The video idea came from our director Andrey Kezzyn and it’s similar to my point of view of what’s about to come of the world. Maybe not literally, but who knows. Enjoy!”

The first single:
Chemical Whore:


Source of Information: NUCLEAR BLAST Silke Yli-Sirniö

FEUERSCHWANZ Releases Captivating Single “Untot im Drachenboot” & Official Music Video

30. September 2021

FeuerschwanzRecently, about a year after the release of their last album, Das Elfte Gebot – which reached #3 in the German album charts – FEUERSCHWANZ announced their new album, Memento Mori, set for release on New Year’s Eve 2021. Now, with their first single, “Untot im Drachenboot“, the pioneers of the German folk rock scene herald a triumphant overseas voyage into another legendary FEUERSCHWANZ saga!

With echoing screams, “Untot im Drachenboot” calls a mighty army aboard a monstrous Viking ship.

Wild guitar riffs and rousing violin solos put wind into the sails, while Hauptmann Feuerschwanz keeps hold of his crew with strong vocal power and deep growls. Filmed on a real Viking ship, FEUERSCHWANZ literally set sail in the video for “Untot im Drachenboot” and deliver another glorious anthem! The Franconians once again deliver a very strong music video, which offers a first taste of the upcoming album, Memento Mori.

Feuerschwanz memento cover


  1. Memento Mori
  2. Untot im Drachenboot
  3. Ultima Nocte
  4. Rausch der Barbarei
  5. Krampus
  6. Feuer & Schwert
  7. Das Herz eines Drachen
  8. Rohirrim
  9. Am Galgen
  10. Hannibal
  11. Skaldenme

Watch the New Video for “Untot im Drachenboot”

Shortly following their live BluRay/DVD Die Letzte Schlacht debuting on the German album charts at #4, FEUERSCHWANZ announced their new studio album, Memento Mori. The new album will be released on December 31, 2021 via Napalm Records and will continue the success story of the medieval rockers from Germany / Franconia! Memento Mori, the follow-up to the successful album Das Elfte Gebot, sings about great adventures, past battles and outstanding heroic deeds in pure FEUERSCHWANZ fashion. FEUERSCHWANZ manage to stay true to their trademarks, and at the same time, venture musically into new realms.

FEUERSCHWANZ on the new album:
“You take nothing with you to your grave, except your coffin… Memento Mori is the direct successor to Die Letzte Schlacht! The world of Hauptmann Feuerschwanz is in flames, overrun by the living dead and scourged by religious zealots… All of this sounds frighteningly real, even in Anno Domini 2021, so it’s time to defy the storm once again and celebrate life. Let’s live here, let’s live now – until death sharpens his knife!”


Source of Information: Napalm Records, Photo: Nikolaj Georgiew

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