Edu Falaschi (Almah) – ,,UNFOLD is full of new energies!”

edu falaschi almah 2014In the beginning of this year I made interview to the new album of Almah – Unfold. Edu got out from their problems and he answered me to a few questions. For technical problems with web, I am publishing it now.

Hello Edu. In the first place I wish you all the best in New Year 2014 )) What is Almah preparing for your fans?

Edu Falaschi: Hi my friend! Thaaanks, 2014 it’s being very nice for ALMAH and for me personally!!! Im so fucking happy!!! I wish you all the best too!!! 🙂

If I have a correct info you left Angra due to your extreme problems  with your voice. Is now everything fine?

Edu Falaschi: Not actually! Yes I had some reflux problems that affected my voice  control, but I decided to quit due too many reasons.

First I didn’t want  to sing in such high vocal range anymore, it’s too high for a male singer. I couldn’t stand it anymore, it wasn’t natural for me, and also I quit because many internal problems and negative atmosphere inside the  band.

How did you do your convalescence?

Edu Falaschi: I made many treatments, during some years, and finally after I left  Angra my voice is BACK! DEFINITELY! I CAN BREATHE NOW!!!

Your album Unfold is still power metal, but you showed there big taste  and courage for experiments. Could you tell something more about it (the creative process, recording… etc)?

Edu Falaschi: Yeah. UNFOLD is full of new energies! Actually with Motion and finally with UNFOLD Almah meets its own style and language. Actually I use to compose 95% of the songs, then exchange some mp3 with the main ideas.

Then we meet for new arrangements and finally each one  recorded in his own home studio. The we sent all material to US to be mixed in Los Angeles.

Interesting songs

My top favorite is song I Do, which is the best illustration of potential of your band. Could you tell us more about it?

Edu Falaschi: Nice, I Do is a strong metal ballad, I love it too, its full of positive vibration… 🙂

And ballad Warm Wind is balm for the ears. Can you tell something about its lyrics?

Edu Falaschi: That’s a typical ballad. I use to compose since I started in music. I  love this kind of song. Three-quarters beautiful vocal melody, modern and with a  pop approach. I love it, it’s natural for me. I wrote this lyrics for my daughter! That’s special for people that love someone!

Upcoming shows

How are you satisfied with its sales in Brazil and other world?

Edu Falaschi: Yeah for sure, we are going well. Now we sell a lot by internet too, iTunes, Amazon, CDBABY, etc

I could see on youtube a couple of live videos of these songs. Are you  planning some bigger tour (European, Slovakia))?

Edu Falaschi: We played in Europe last November. I hope to come back soon and play in Slovakia!!!

Almah kapela 2014

Ordinary life

Could you tell us something about everyday life of members of Almah? I mean the hobbies and interests etc.

Edu Falaschi: We live in different cities. I have my own professional studio in Sao  Paulo. I produce many bands here. I sing in some particular events for TV, etc… I love playing soccer, hahaha. 🙂

Marcelo Barbosa is the owner of  3 music schools in Brazil and the other guys just live with music, making some classes, etc.

Could you tell something about life in your, for many of our people  exotic, land Brazil?

Edu Falaschi: Brazil is growing up, getting better. But we need to work a lot to see this country really developed.

And what about your metal scene? How does it look with media support, concerts visit, etc…?

Edu Falaschi: It’s going well, this year is getting better!!! Many concerts, events, the economy is better now…

Musical history

Do you keep in touch with members of Angra?

Edu Falaschi: Nope.

How did your musician’s story began? What event, or song did get you to this way and how did you get to Angra and Almah?

Edu Falaschi: It’s was a loooong time ago, hahaha 🙂 Next year I will celebrate my 25th Anniversary as a professional musician. I was invited to join Angra in 2001. Nice time. And I created Almah in 2006 when I realized that Angra would have many problems in the future.

What do you thing about future of power metal? Is there possible any progression in this genre? Many people say that power metal is powerless  now and nearly dead.

Edu Falaschi: Well I always believe in being CREATIVE, INNOVATIVE AND INVENTIVE, even inside power metal universe. I believe we got it with ALMAH 🙂

Ok, that’s all… Thank for your interview and I would like to ask you for  some message for my visitors.

Edu Falaschi: – Thanks for this opportunity and I hope to meet Slovakia as soon as  possible!!!! 🙂

Photo: ALMAH/EFalaschi Media Service

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Thanks for help with this interview: Alberto Vicente, Lesny Troll 🙂

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