Satanic – Architecture of Chaos (ER)

Probably everyone know, that Canada roll rest of the world in ice hockey. But right from this country came to me for review new record last days, which has potential also destroy everything around it. I speak about debut album of band Satanic called Architecture of Chaos.

The first seconds of the first song Mephistophelian show us, that boys behind the sea play their music without some compromises and prepare for us very detonable bomb. Recipe is apparent- combination of old school death metal and thrash metal, which also smell by taste of history. Hard, aggressive, everything crushing piece.

Beside the great thrash riffs we can also hear some more melodic part- but in this case only such as guitar solo. We can continue with World of Chaos, which is  in spite of more calm beginning  more harder and faster tune.

Something over two minutes, and we are done. And this is way we walk through during the listening to the whole album- fast songs with little, but really little slower one. And, in the end the most epic and the longest (lasting over 8 minutes) Tchernobyl 86. But don′t look for some ballad, or some slow and romantic lovesong.

We can hear together 8 songs on Architecture of Chaos, and immediately the first one throw us over board into the wild whirl, which will totally destroy us. And the only hope is the end. But, Satanic compose into their music many catchy and great melodies, riffs etc. which will be in your head also after the end of Architecture of Chaos.

As I write, combination of old school death metal and thrash take it price. But it is not matter, because we speak about very good music, which will be loved by fans of old school death metal or thrash.

Or lovers of great and metal music. This is that kind of music, which can start big moshpit on the concerts. So, due to instrumental side I have no complaints. All of the songs are easy to memorable and to differentiate between them. Personally, I have to admit perfect guitar work- mainly riffs, and also vocals- something between groove metal and death metal.

So, some sum up. Satanic bring to us with Architecture of Chaos something new into music based on old school and also big amount of quality


  • Guillaume Petit- vocals, guitar
  • Izaac Beaudoin- bass, vocals
  • Martin Carle – drums


  1. Mephistophelian
  2. World of Chaos
  3. Processing the Undead
  4. Architecture of Apocalypse
  5. Armagedon
  6. Systematic Fear
  7. Biotech Warfare
  8. Tchernobyl 86

Year of Release: 2017

Label: Brutal Records

Youtube teaser:


Score: 5,5/6

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