Markus Jüllich (Crematory) – ,,Oblivion is still CREMATORY and a strong statement in the bands long history.”

markus jullich 2018Gothic/inudustrial band Crematory is strong part of German metal scene they go though some personnel changes som years ago, but they are still here and prepare for us great music. They have released their 14th album Oblivion April 13th. You can get more information in following interview:

Hi Markus. Band Crematory release new album Oblivion this April. What was the process of creation of it?

Markus Jüllich: We started about 12 month ago with collecting the material for the album. I am producing the albums for years now, and so I gather all the ideas and sort them out. When we started working in the studio we had about 20 songs. 13 made it on “Oblivion” and I think we choose the strongest ones.

The work in the studio didn’t differ that much from the last ones. We are working in the same studio for some years now, cause we like the vibes there. “Oblivion” turned out to have a lot of oldschool CREMATORY trademarks from “Illusions” and I think the production is probably one of the best we ever did.

Creating the sound of it was easy this time, cause the songs are very straight forward and have a lot of energy. So if you can feel the power of the song, it´s easy to go with it. We didn´t have to think much about how we should do things, cause it just happened.

Personally, I consider Oblivion such as a perfect multi-genre album with many influences. Was that aim to create so rich instrumental side before recording, or it was due many ideas during recording process?

Markus Jüllich: Usually we have the basics for the songs ready before we do the final work in the studio. It´s just better for us to be well prepared so that we have enough time in the studio to work on the details. In the studio you get always more ideas, but you have to focus on the song.

We worked out a lot of little things, that don’t come to your ear if you listen to the album for the first time. That’s why I think “Oblivion” turned out to be such a great album with catchy melodies and songs. Also We had for this Album 3 Co-Producer beside Kohle as the Main man.

We did that in the past also with one or two, and this time I worked with new guys called Walter Stobbe, Stefan Glass and Dirk Riegner. They came up with great parts and we found the right balance on the album.

What are the main differences acording to your former albums?

Markus Jüllich: “Oblivion” ist the second album featuring 2 guitar players. So that of course is a big difference for the new sound of “CREMATORY”. The other thing you probably recognised is the fact, that we don’t have german lyrics on “Oblivion”.

As usual Felix wrote all the lyrics and then him and Tosse worked out their arrangements for the vocals. After listening to all different ideas, it just happened, that the new songs sounded stronger in English.

How big impact have newer members on final sound of Oblivion?

Markus Jüllich: The final sound in the mix comes from my and the other producer Kohle. But if you mean the sound of the band, of course we sound different today, cause Tosse and Rolf have a different kind that Matze had. Also their musical influence is different, so that made changes as well.

“Oblivion” is still CREMATORY and a strong statement in the bands long history.

You have also created video for song Salvation. Why right this song? Is it possible that you will make another one?

Markus Jüllich: It´s a nes side from CREMATORY. Because we never used orchestral sounds before that song an 3 other new songs fromt the new album. “Salvation” is straight forward and very powerfull, so we decided that this should be the first single / video.

In the castle we shot another video for “ghost of the past”  and “Stay with me” which will be released also, till the album is available.

crematory nemecko 2022

You will play your first concert in Slovakia this June. Have you some references on metals fans in Slovakia, our country, beer etc.?

Markus Jüllich: First time, right and it will be on my birthday. 1st of June. We are looking forward to this show. It is always exciting to play in front of new people and we are happy, we got invited. We know from other countries nearby that the food and also the beer there is great. So I think we all will have a great time there to celebrate my birthday and perform a great show that day.

Is it possible that you will visit some interesting places here, or there is no time for it during the tour?

Markus Jüllich: Usually you don’t have my time to visit some sites, but if you tour through the countryside we enjoy the views and the different landscape. It is nice to see different things, you can suck up a different vibe and energy from this. We come from Munich one day before and after our show we drive to Metalfest in Pilsen to play there next day.

Lets talk about history now, Crematory is without a doubt legend. How do you remember on your musician beginnings?

Markus Jüllich: When we started, we never thought that it would go on for so long, and that we would influence so many bands. It is an honour to be still able to produce albums and play shows. I think after the release of “Illusions” we set a trend and became the leading german gothic metal band. That is something we didn’t dream of, when we started with the band.

We still remember the days in our old rehearsal room, when we spent most of our free time there to write songs or even just met there to hang out with other bands.

CREMATORY was always down to earth, so when we got the first record deal, we didn’t change as people. But of course it is a dream to record your music, and spend time on the road to promote your album, but we wouldn’t be there without the fans that like our music and buy our records.

Have you some special era of your career, which you consider for the best?

Markus Jüllich: You always think of times differently when you look back on it. After the last change in the line up we feel fresh again, and enjoy working with the new people. Some might consider times the best, when you sell a lot of albums or have successful tours.

For some it might be a part of the band when very personal stuff might have happened. As I am managing the band I have always try to see the business side as well and make decisions, that are important for the band. So for me the times when we got changes in the line up were always very exciting, cause you feel the pressure to find the right people.

What are the main changes in metal scene during that years?

Markus Jüllich: I think the metal scene got bigger over the years and people are also more open to new styles and trends in metal.

When we started we were one of the first bands, maybe even the first one, that used keyboards to create our melodic death metal sound. Today so many metal bands work with samples and keyboards, so you can see a big change there. People are more open minded these days and that gets you more freedom to do your stuff and grow as a band.

 Ok, that was the last question. Thank you for the interview, and feel free to share anything with the fans 🙂

Markus Jüllich: There is one important thing I have to tell you and all our fans. When I see our last Recordreport I puked. We have 1,5 mio streams on the last album “Monument” and only sell 1% of that in original CD or vinyl. That kills us.

With the CD compensation from the record company, we can hardly produce our albums.  And we really want to release albums that sound really good. “Oblivion” is a very good production, and we get a lot of feedbacks regarding the really good sound we created.

If the sales drop even more, we can´t produce on that level anymore, and we don’t put stuff on the market that is cheap and sounding cheap. That Is not CREMATORY.

So, I spoke out loud, what went on in my mind for month, cause I felt that the fans needed to know what goes on in our minds.

CREMATORY was always a band that was very down to earth and since our first tour, we always meet the fans after the show at the merchandise area and talk to them. So with the social media today, we open for them this way. Some people might hate us for that, but it´s just the way it has. And that fact is really making us angry.

If people don´t want to loose CREMATORY they should change their behaviors and buy CD´s and not Downloads or Streams. Copie kills Music! Fuck Downloads! Fuck Streams! Buy CD´s or LP´s!

We know that money is always an issue for people, but streaming is the end of music. In the new album you can find a voucher for 10 euro, so that the buyers can use that to have a discount on our merchandise items. Thanks a lot for your support. We hope to see a lot of people on our Shopw at my Birthday at the first of June.

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