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VAN CANTO – Announce New Album For August!

6. June 2018

van-canOn August 10th the German metal a-cappella masters VAN CANTO will release their seventh studio album: Trust in Rust.


Since 2006 they have brought pure vocal power to the metal world.  Now made up of seven members, Trust in Rust covers a wide stylistic range from melodic to bombastic, showcasing their own takes on ballads, hard rock ballbreakers and speed metal anthems. Covers, ranging from Helloween’s “Ride the Sky” (feat. Kai Hansen) to AC/DC`s “Hells Bells”, give listeners a completely fresh glimpse at the vocal crew. The sound of Trust in Rust reflects their varied experiences on the road with unbroken power and passion for the human voice in heavy metal.

The band on the new album:
“If you release 7 albums in 12 years you aren’t able to rust. Nevertheless the new album is rougher and more metal. It’s a composite work of all 7 band members, full of new ideas but without losing the good old VAN CANTO style. We are still excited about what we are doing and believe in ourselves – trust in rust!”

The full track listing of Trust In Rust reads as follows:

CD 1:

  1. Back in the Lead
  2. Javelin
  3. Trust in Rust
  4. Ride the Sky (feat. Kai Hansen)
  5. Melody
  6. Neverland
  7. Desert Snake
  8. Darkest Days
  9. Infinity
  10. Hells Bells
  11. Heading Home

CD 2: Best Of – Orchestral Versions:
(Dosupná iba ako digipack)

  1. The Mission (Orchestral Version)
  2. Rain (Orchestral Version)
  3. Hero (Orchestral Version)
  4. Take to the Sky (Orchestral Version)
  5. Water Fire Heaven Earth (Orchestral Version)
  6. My Voice (Orchestral Version)
  7. If I Die in Battle (Orchestral Version)
  8. The Higher Flight (Orchestral Version)
  9. Unholy (Orchestral Version)
  10. The Other Ones (Orchestral Version)


  • Hagen Hirschmann: Lead Vocals
  • Inga Scharf: Lead Vocals
  • Ross Thomspon: Higher Rakkatakka Vocals
  • Stefan Schmidt: Lower Rakkatakka Vocals
  • Jan Moritz: Pad and Bass Vocals
  • Ingo Sterzinger: Bass and Backing Vocals
  • Bastian Emig: Drums and Backing Vocals


Source of Information: Napalm Records Promotion Team

NERVOSA – New Album Downfall Of Mankind OUT NOW!

4. June 2018

Brazilian thrash commando unit NERVOSA have just released their new album Downfall Of Mankind via Napalm Records!

The band on Downfall Of Mankind:
“We can’t express how happy we are about releasing this album! It feels great to hear so much amazing feedback after just a short time after it’s been released, it really makes us think we did the best we could and that all the hardwork was worth. Now we can’t wait to be back on the road with this completely whole new set with so many of the bew songs. For those going to any shows of our upcoming European tour, you can definitely expect an even wilder show!”

In support of their brand-new masterpiece the band will take to the road again in summer 2018 with a series of festival and headline appearances on their Downfall Of Mankind European Tour. The run starts in Germany and finishes in the UK. See the full list of dates below:



  1. Intro
  2. Horrordome
  3. Never Forget, Never Repeat
  4. Enslave
  5. Bleeding
  6. … And Justice for Whom?
  7. Vultures
  8. Kill the Silence
  9. No Mercy
  10. Raise Your Fist!
  11. Fear, Violence and Massacre
  12. Conflict
  13. Cultura do Estupro
  14. Selfish Battle (Bonus Track)


Source of Information: Napalm Records Promotion Team

CD-JEWEL BOX (28. May 2018)


Slovakian death metalists Constans Compromissum released new album I´ll Break You.

  1. Intro
  2. Just Three Words
  3. My Madness
  4. In Dying
  5. The Witch
  6. Sons of Destruction
  7. Manipulation
  8. I’ll Break You
  9. Evolution
  10. …’Cause I Want It Like This!

Music & Lyrics: Constans Compromissum

Recorded in Rehearsal Room, 2017


  • Peter Bartakovič – Lead Guitars
  • Jozef Lukac – Drums
  • Juraj Čakajda – Guitars, Vocals
  • Marek Okša – Bass


Album Trailer:

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Source of Information: Support Undeground

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