Praise the Plague – Antagonist (ER)

Praise the Antagonist coverSometimes, it´s a pity, that redactor of metal web have to listen to the record several times before preparing questions. Yes, I know, it´s due to logic, but anyway, there are also cases, when answers of band members allure you to the album, and you will totally enjoy the surprise of the first listening. Alike band Praise the Plague with debut album Antagonist.

So, according to interview, we can await doom – sludge mixed with some black metal influence full of dark and depressive atmosphere and introspective lyrics. Words, which became reality immediately with the first instrumental intro Inferno.

Some piano in the beginning (first and the last time when we can hear it) prepare way to the main star of the performance- great doom-sludge guitar riffs and the atmosphere so dark, that man can not see on his own nose.

And if we put to these elements in next song Anatomy of Possession also perfect black metal vocal, every fan of dark metal genres gets in heaven. Like the small light of hope are used melodic parts, but you should know, that depression, fear, desperation and despair are in every single second of record, and will stay with you also after end of the CD. Great work, this is doom metal in true way.

So together we can hear 5 songs plus one intro, and everything up mentioned stand for all of them. This means, that in result we gain strong, compact record without any weak piece, or some more significant change of style.

But i tis not any problem, because voted direction is more than genial. Instrumental side on a high level built on a guitars, scary, but still attractive black metal vocal, and mainly fantastic atmosphere. In this light darkness sound incredibly, that we speak about debut album. But Antagonist is really the first album of a band, and one notice.

Everyone should remember name Praise the Plague, because probably boys of it will become one of the most famous doom metal group.


  • Robert – vocals
  • Marcel – guitars
  • Jan – guitars
  • Benni – bass
  • Sascha – drums


  1. Inferno
  2. Anatomy of Possession
  3. Blackening Swarm
  4. Minatory Aeons
  5. Darkest of Seas
  6. Antagonist

Year of Release: 2018

Label: Black Omega Recordings

Youtube teaser:


Score: 6/6

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