Sorrowful Land – I Remember (ER)

sorrowful land i remember coverI have only great experiences with metal music from Ukraine, mainly with doom metal in recent months. So, when it was possible to make review on second album I Remember recorded by band Sorrowful Land from Kharkov, I took it without any hesitation.

First important and interesting thing about band is fact, that it has only one member Max Molodtsov, who is therefore also main creative brain of band. But from the first seconds of record everyone should admit, that if we put together enormous talent and feeling for great atmosphere, one man is more than enough for composition of great music.

Maks accomplish both mentioned conditions, so in result we get 6 pure doom metal diamonds. Every song is like a new original album- rich composition, wisely balanced amount of hard and more melodic parts, perfect instrumental performances.

Really, there is no tune alike the other, but I Remember is still strong and compact album. But everything is ruled by genial dark and gloomy atmosphere. The best example is intro of song

A Father I Never Had. The second, also important and interesting fact about this CD is participation of some great musicians from another bands- e.g. Daniel Arvidsson or Vlad Shahin + others, mainly vocalist. I suppose, that it is sure thing, that they made their work in the best way, and enrich I Remember.

Again, balanced amount of growls and clean vocals, and alternation of vocalist is also good idea. In one song we can also hear Maks, concretely in A Father I Never Had. He is perfect musician, and also great singer, that´s everything what I can say to it 🙂

I love albums like this. Album, which should be written by gold font into metal history.


  • Max Molodtsov – Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Drum programming,


  • Vito Marchese – guitars (track 5)
  • Kaivan Saraei – vocals (track 1)
  • Daniel Neagoe – vocals (track 2)
  • Evander Sinque – vocals (track 4)
  • Vladislav Shahin – vocals (track 5)
  • Daniel Arvidsson – vocals (track 6)


  1. And Wilt Thou Weep When I Am Low?
  2. When the World’s Gone Cold
  3. A Father I Never Had
  4. Weep On, Weep On
  5. I Am the Only Being Whose Doom
  6. The Kingdom of Nothingness

Year of Release: 2018

Label: Solitude Productions

Youtube teaser:


Score: 6/6

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