Infernal Bizarre – Medium (ER)

infernal bizarre medium coverI know, that I spoke about it almost in every review, but metal scene in Poland is one of the best in the world. And maybe the best. For me, metalhead in Poland are best in doom/death metal, but few days before I received album from thrash/death metal band Infernal Bizarre called Medium.

Whole record start with song Alienacja, which introduce band in the great view. Wisely combined thrash metal with it´s speed and death metal – hard parts, and some possibilities to slow down.

Big amount of great guitar work flowing also somewhere between these genres. Combination of these genres is also significant from composition of songs. Don´t await some 2 minutes lasting songs with the same riff from beginning to the end.

No, all tunes, include the shortest (about 3 minutes) are full of great musician ideas, many changes of tempo, mood etc… This element is more significant in two last songs – Wrogovie Jutra and Ostatnia wyprawa, lasting over 6 resp. 8 minutes.

But on the second hand, rich composition make album more interesting, and you can find something new every time you listen to it. I also admire usage of native language, which make record more original. And vocal side is great too- again something between death and thrash metal vocal technique.

So, band prepare for us perfect album. Medium is full of original music, polish language, and 8 strong tunes.


  • Kamil “Sledzik” Szkup – vocals
  • Marcin “Cines” Węglarek –  guitar
  • Piotr “Nastar” Nastarowicz –  guitar
  • Dawid Pawlata –  bass
  • Piotr “Piter” Florczak – drums


  1. Alienacja
  2. Medium
  3. Zjawa
  4. W imię wiary
  5. Reinkarnacja
  6. Chora krew
  7. Wrogowie jutra
  8. Ostatnia wyprawa

Year of Release: 2018

Label Samovydanie

Youtube teaser:


Source of Information: 5,5/6

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