Okkultist – Reinventing Evil (ER)

Okkultist Evil coverPortugal is country, which is mainly connected with football, exotic, nature… But it can also offer a lot of in metal music. Moonspell is legend, and for years of existence prepare way for another bands, for example Okkultist. This group has released debut full album Reinventing Evil through Alma Mater Record of Fernando Ribeiro.

Okkultist is band with nice woman Beatriz on a vocals, but don´t look for some princess pop music. No, Okkultist prepare for us deadly and fast storm on a style of death metal of 90th (Death…).

Destruction begin with first, and title song and end with the last one, cover of legendary Satan My Master from Bathory. So, together we can hear 9 songs, without some slowdown, or significant changes of genre.

As I said before, inspiration can be found in death metal music from USA, but of course in new original clothes. Beatriz with her devil vocal rules everything, and other musicians support her with great riffs, solos etc. The last song is mentioned cover from Bathory, but it is good like the oldest „master“.

So, Okkultist prepare for us very good album, full of death metal. Evidence, that extreme genres have place in Portugal too.


  • Beatriz Mariano – vocals
  • Leander Sandmeier – guitars
  • Moisés Filho – guitars
  • Antim Batchev – bass
  • Ivo Salgado – drums


  1.  Reinventing Evil
  2. Back from the Dead
  3. Sniff the Blood
  4. Sign of the Reaper
  5. Grave Digger
  6. Plasmodium Nocturnus
  7. Rise and Reign
  8. Satan My Master (CD Bonus Track / Bathory Cover)

Year of Release: 2019

Label: Alma Mater Records

Youtube teaser:


Score: 4,5/6

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