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Rings of Saturn – reveal new album »Gidim«, release music video for first single ‘The Husk’!

30. August 2019

ariosAlien themed tech-death masters, RINGS OF SATURN, arrive back on the scene to release their fifth full-length studio album. »Gidim« will be released on October 25th via Nuclear Blast Records. and today fans can hear the first single. Watch the music video for ‘The Husk,’ which was directed by Scott Hansen of Digital Thunderdome.



  1. Pustules
  2. Divine Authority
  3. Hypodermis Glitch
  4. Bloated and Stiff
  5. Tormented Consciousness
  6. The Husk
  7. Mental Prolapse
  8. Genetic Inheritance
  9. Face of the Wormhole
  10. Gidim

Lucas Mann comments, “We always try to raise the bar with each album made. »Gidim« is a callback to RINGS OF SATURN’s roots. The fan favorite parts of »Dingir« and »Lugal Ki En« have been considered for inclusion and expansion on »Gidim.«”


Source of Information: NUCLEAR BLAST Philipp Adelsberger

Municipal Waste – announce »The Last Rager« EP + release music video for ‘Wave Of Death’!

30. August 2019


Partiers, you’ve been taught the »Art« and now it is time for an advanced lesson. Virginia speed metal punksMUNICIPAL WASTE are proud to announce their latest offering »The Last Rager« which will be released on October 11th via Nuclear Blast.



  1. Wave of Death
  2. Car-Nivore (Street Meat)
  3. Rum for Your Life
  4. The Last Rager

Back with 4 ripper tracks that embrace all the band’s punk and street metal roots without clutching the past. That honest formula has led the WASTE to innovate the festival scene with the opening track and party of the summer ‘Wave Of Death.’ Watch the music video that was edited by Mark Reâtegui from footage compiled from the band’s roadie Scotty Tankcrimes from the last couple of tours

»The Last Rager« was recorded by LandPhil Hall at Blaze Of Torment Studios in Richmond, VA with additional engineering completed by Josh Hall. The EP was mixed by Rob Caldwell while mastering was handled by Joel Grind. The artwork was created by Brian Crabaugh.


Source of Information: NUCLEAR BLAST Philipp Adelsberger, Foto: Kip Dawkins

Fit For An Autopsy – release second single and video ‘The Sea Of Tragic Beasts’

30. August 2019

ffaauNew Jersey six-piece FIT FOR AN AUTOPSY have just dropped the video for the title track from their upcoming fifth studio album, ‘The Sea of Tragic Beasts‘. The album will be released on October 25 viaNuclear Blast Records worldwide and Human Warfare (AUS).



  1.  The Sea Of Tragic Beasts
  2.  No Man Is Without Fear
  3.  Shepherd
  4.  Your Pain Is Mine
  5.  Mirrors
  6.  Unloved
  7.  Mourn
  8.  Warfare
  9. Birds Of Prey
  10. Napalm Dreams

Watch the new video here:

We have to be these puffed up, aggressive people to survive in this world,” said guitarist and producer Will Putney about the track. “It’s dog eat dog shit out there. Lyrically, the song touches on that violent way of thinking, but it also shows the inherent sadness that comes along with a life of this nature. It’s the two main themes that the subject matter on our album was born from, making it a fitting title track. Musically, I think it’s a cool display of everything we do as a band — some classic metal foundations with some new tricks for us, and a fight riff for good measure. Hope you enjoy it!

“The Sea Of Tragic Beasts” was once again produced, engineered, mixed, and mastered by the producer/guitarist Will Putney at Graphic Nature Audio in NJ.The artwork for the album was created byAdam Burke.

“The Sea Of Tragic Beasts” is available for pre-order and comes in the following formats: CD Jewel; Vinyl; Clear with White splatter vinyl (limited to 1000); Light Blue/Black swirl vinyl (limited to 750); and Blue Merge splatter vinyl (limited to 500).

Previous teaser:
Singel Mirrors:


Source of Information: NUCLEAR BLAST Fabienne Zwicke

Bullring – first single and video online

29. August 2019

Bullring‘s first single, “You’re Just What You’re Fighting For”, is online and available for download and streaming on all digital platforms. The official video, realized by Moviedel Productions, was shot at Happy Days Music Bar in Fiesse, Brescia, Italy.

Debut album “Break Down The Gate” is set for release on September 20, 2019 via Street Symphonies Records / Burning Minds Music Group, with artwork and graphics developed by Aeglos Art (Wheels Of Fire, Alchemy, Firmo, Danger Zone). Further details about tracklist, cover artwork and special limited edition will follow shortly.


  • Remo Ferrari: Vocals & Bass
  • Dave Pola: Guitars
  • Luca Ferraresi: Drums

Special Guest:

  • Alex De Rosso: Guitar Solo


Source of Information: Atomic Stuff Promotion

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