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LORD OF THE LOST Releases Single & Official Video For “A Splintered Mind”

12. June 2020


Would you still love me with a splintered mind?

LORD OF THE LOST‘s new classical ensemble album Swan Songs III proclaims its mission statement almost immediately. A surprising piano intro and Chris Harms’ dark and distinctive voice quickly gives way to “A Splintered Mind”, subsequently unfolding with the rich sounds of a full ensemble.

The second single is lyrically driven by a torn apart and desperate protagonist in search of recognition and love. This theme is showcased in the songwriting, instrumentalization and general atmosphere of the song, which has been released today in conjunction with an official music video.

The video, recorded at the Friedrich Ebert Halle in LORD OF THE LOST’s hometown Hamburg and directed by Chris Harms, showcases the recurring mood that can be expected on Swan Songs III, while introducing the entire ensemble.

LORD OF THE LOST on the new single and video:

“It was very important to us that one of the core songs of Swan Songs III gets a video that introduces our entire 14-piece ensemble, because our acoustic excursion, initially planned as a small adventure, has already grown to this size. When we shot the video, the restrictions of the current pandemic had just been decided, so we just managed to shoot this video with our wonderful ensemble. A few days later this would not have been possible anymore. So we hope that this song will bring a little warmth to your heart, in this complicated time.”


LORD OF THE LOST returns with the newest offering in their classic ensemble album series: Swan Songs III, the long-awaited successor to Swan Songs II, to be released via Napalm Records on August 7, 2020.

The standard version of Swan Songs III consists of new songs, all recorded with The Lord Of The Lost-Ensemble, and brand new versions of a hand-picked selection of LORD OF THE LOST classics, including the standout 18-minute-long song “Letters To Home”.

For all visual and audiophile Dark Metal connoisseurs, Swan Songs III comes with a high class Earbook, including demo versions of eight of the new songs, framed in 48 pages full of high quality LORD OF THE LOST illustrations, on three CDs!

Swan Songs III will be available in multiple formats, including a box set, a high-class Earbook, and a 2LP Gatefold Vinyl. The album is a gift to all music fans and marks the next highlight in LORD OF THE LOST‘s musical career.

LORD OF THE LOST on the album:

“The Swan Songs project started as a musical infidelity, continued in a beloved carry-on and became like a second musical DNA. Meanwhile, we feel at home in our second musical facet, as well as in our classifying LORD OF THE LOST sound / shell. Swan Songs III has a musical depth that even surprises ourselves with a certain distance to its finishing. It is by no means the last part of a trilogy, but so far our personal highlight of LORD OF THE LOST’s classical-career.”



  1. A Splintered Mind
  2. A One Ton Heart
  3. Dying On The Moon (feat. Joy Frost)
  4. Zunya
  5. Unfeel
  6. Deathless
  7. Agape
  8. Hurt Again
  9. Amber
  10. We Were Young (feat. HEAVEN CAN WAIT Choir)
  11. 4’33”
  12. Dying On The Moon (Joyless Version)
  13. We Were Young (feat. HEAVEN CAN WAIT Choir – ZDF Version)


  1. Loreley (Swan Songs III Version)
  2. Morgana (Swan Songs III Version)
  3. Black Halo (Swan Songs III Version)
  4. Cut Me Out (Swan Songs III Version)
  5. In Silence (Swan Songs III Version)
  6. Seven Days of Anavrin (Swan Songs III Version)
  7. My Heart Is Black (Swan Songs III Version)
  8. Letters To Home (Swan Songs III Version)

Tracklist Swan Songs III CD2:

    1. Loreley (Swan Songs III Version)
    2. Morgana (Swan Songs III Version)
    3. Black Halo (Swan Songs III Version)
    4. Cut Me Out (Swan Songs III Version)
    5. In Silence (Swan Songs III Version)
    6. Seven Days of Anavrin (Swan Songs III Version)
    7. My Heart Is Black (Swan Songs III Version)
    8. Letters To Home (Swan Songs III Version)

Tracklist Swan Symphonies III CD1:

  1. A Splintered Mind (Swan Symphonies III Version)
  2. A One Ton Heart (Swan Symphonies III Version)
  3. Dying On The Moon (Swan Symphonies III Version)
  4. Zunya (Swan Symphonies III Version)
  5. Unfeel (Swan Symphonies III Version)
  6. Deathless (Swan Symphonies III Version)
  7. Agape (Swan Symphonies III Version)
  8. Hurt Again (Swan Symphonies III Version)
  9. Amber (Swan Symphonies III Version)
  10. We Were Young (Swan Symphonies III Version)

Tracklist Swan Symphonies III CD2:

  1. Loreley (Swan Symphonies III Version)
  2. Morgana (Swan Symphonies III Version)
  3. Black Halo (Swan Symphonies III Version)
  4. Cut Me Out (Swan Symphonies III Version)
  5. In Silence (Swan Symphonies III Version)
  6. Seven Days of Anavrin (Swan Symphonies III Version)
  7. My Heart Is Black (Swan Symphonies III Version)
  8. Letters To Home (Swan Symphonies III Version)

Tracklist Swan Songs Demos:

  1. A Splintered Mind (Demo)
  2. A One Ton Heart (Demo)
  3. Dying On The Moon (Demo)
  4. Zunya (Demo)
  5. Unfeel (Demo)
  6. Hurt Again (Demo)
  7. Amber (Demo)
  8. We Were Young (Demo)

Tracklist Opus X CD1:

  1. Lament For The Condemned (Live In Hamburg 2019)
  2. Morgana (Live In Hamburg 2019)
  3. Prison (Live In Hamburg 2019)
  4. Sex On Legs (Live In Hamburg 2019)
  5. I.D.G.A.F. (Live In Hamburg 2019)
  6. Die Tomorrow (Live In Hamburg 2019)
  7. Black Lolita (Live In Hamburg 2019)
  8. Dry The Rain (Live In Hamburg 2019)
  9. One Day Everything Will Be Okay (Live In Hamburg 2019)
  10. Credo (Live In Hamburg 2019)

Tracklist Opus X CD2:

  1. Raining Stars (Live In Hamburg 2019)
  2. Full Metal Whore (Live In Hamburg 2019)
  3. Loreley (Live In Hamburg 2019)
  4. Voodoo Doll (Live In Hamburg 2019)
  5. Forevermore (Live In Hamburg 2019)
  6. Blood For Blood (Live In Hamburg 2019)
  7. Six Feet Underground (Live In Hamburg 2019)
  8. La Bomba (Live In Hamburg 2019)
  9. Trisma (Live In Hamburg 2019)
  10. Drag Me To Hell (Live In Hamburg 2019)

The fist single:


Source of Information: Napalm Records, Photo: Jan Season

Korpiklaani – unleash new digital single ‘Shai Shai’ [feat. Natalya Pahlenko – NYTT LAND]!

12. June 2020


Today, KORPIKLAANI are pleased to release another version of ‘Beer Beer’. This time it is ‘Shai Shai’  featuring NYTT LAND’s Natalya Pahlenko singing in Siberian!

Continuing KORPIKLAANI’s concept of singing in different languages and cultural influences for ‘Beer Beer’.

Check out the new lyric video for ‘Shai Shai’ here:

NYTT LAND’s Natalya states:

“Harsh Siberian beer named Shai Shai with the taste of Taiga and salty steppes. It’s time to awaken your inner Shaman!”


“Nytt Land are a Shamanic Folk Duo thatwe meet when they supported us the first time we played in Omsk.

It was on those rare performances when all of us came out to watch them, it was that powerful. We soon became friends, with both Jonne and Tuomas having contributed on different tracks on their new album. Their version, “Shai Shai” is one of our favorites as it is pure shamanic folk from Siberia. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.”

For this song, NYTT LAND used several instruments like Jouhikko, flute, big frame drum and percussion instruments – as well as traditional Siberian throatsinging.

In the meantime, KORPIKLAANI finished the album recordings for the new masterpiece of the folk metal superstars and just started the mixing process. Stay tuned for news!


Source of Information: NUCLEAR BLAST Leoni Dowidat

STONED JESUS to Re-Release Groundbreaking Debut Album First Communion on August 21, 2020 via Napalm Records!

10. June 2020

jSTONED JESUS’ electrifying re-release of First Communion on CD and vinyl (incl. new bonus track)!

In celebration of the 10th anniversary of their trailblazing debut album, stoner prog visionaries STONED JESUS are turning back the clocks and re-releasing their stoner doom offering, First Communion, on August 21st via Napalm Records.

Four hard hitting, sludgy originals are enriched with an unreleased demo version of “Red Wine”, presenting a heavy blend of uncompromising rawness and previously unheard nuances. Tracks such as “Black Woods”, with over four million of hits on YouTube, mark their peerless standing in the scene.

With First CommunionSTONED JESUS lays the raw cornerstone for their unmistakable signature style, melting barriers across genre boundaries in its wake.



  1. Occult
  2. Black Woods
  3. Red Wine
  4. Falling Apart
  5. Red Wine (Demo Version)



Source of Information: Napalm Records, Photo: Yuriy Milchak

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