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Paradise Lost – welcome Guido Zima as new drummer

24. March 2023

paradise lost kapela 2023This day, UK gothic metal legends PARADISE LOST are excited to welcome Guido Zima joining their ranks on the drums – completing the band’s line-up again.

guido zima bubenik 2023

Greg Mackintosh comments:

“We welcome Guido as PARADISE LOST‘s new drummer. He cut his teeth with us on our European tour at the end of 2022. Guido did such a good job that we have decided to make him our new drummer and he will be playing on all upcoming PL shows and working on new material with us for our next album due out next year.”

The band will play several festival shows this summer before returning to the studio to work on their next studio album.

Last album of the Paradise Lost – Obsidian was released on year 2020 via Nuclear Blast.


Source of Information:

METAL CHURCH – to release 13th studio album “Congregation Of Annihilation” on May 26th

23. March 2023

metal church 2023West coast metal veterans Metal Church will release their 13th studio album, Congregation of Annihilation, on May 26th via Rat Pak Records (America) and Reaper Entertainment (Europe). The new album marks the first release since the tragic death of legendary front man Mike Howe who passed in July of 2021.

It also marks the first album with new vocalist Marc Lopes (Ross the Boss / Let Us Prey) who came on board in the summer of 2022 and features the current lineup of founding guitarist Kurdt Vanderhoof, guitarist Rick Van Zandt, bassist Steve Unger and drummer Stet Howland.

The new songs are a return to the band’s musical roots harkening back to the vibes of the self-titled first album and The Dark.

metal church 2023


  1. Another Judgement Day
  2. Congregation of Annihilation
  3. Pick A God and Prey
  4. Children of the Lie
  5. Me The Nothing
  6. Making Monsters
  7. Say a Prayer with 7 Bullets
  8. These Violent Thrills
  9. All That We Destroy
  10. My Favorite Sin (Bonus Track)
  11. Salvation (Bonus Track)

Congregation of Annihilation features nine all new tracks from Metal Church and continues to build upon their iconic sound the band established over three decades ago.

Infused with intelligent lyrical content, thundering guitar riffs, and Marc’s aggressive soaring vocals, Congregation of Annihilation furthers the bands sonic evolution up to the next level and is guaranteed to enthrall metal music fans around the world.

From the first guitar riff of album opener “Another Judgement Day” through the driving outro of album closer “All That We Destroy,” it is clear Metal Church is back and better than ever. “Congregation of Annihilation,” “Children of the Lie”  and “These Violent Thrills” showcase the sonically charged songwriting that made the early Metal Church albums such fan favorites.

Haunting musical opuses “Me the Nothing” and “Making Monsters” each puts the musicianship that Metal Church was known for on full display in 2023. The album also features two bonus tracks: “My Favorite Sin” and “Salvation.”

The band’s first single is the anthemic “Pick A God and Prey” and a lyric video for the song can be seen here:

Of the album, Kurdt Vanderhoof comments: 

“This new album is starting a new chapter in the Metal Church legacy. I really love this album. It’s a fresh approach for us in one way, but also a return to the very beginnings of Metal Church as part of the New American Thrash Metal movement. This record contains some of the most aggressive songs we have recorded. I hope the fans will like it as much as we do.”

Marc Lopes adds:

“I am beyond honored to be part of carrying on this legacy into a new era of Metal Church. Working with Kurdt and a band that was a huge influence of mine growing up was a surreal experience to say the least. For me there was no point in trying to imitate what was already done to perfection. So, with respect to the past, we moved forward to a new chapter and here we are!”


Source of Information: Gregor Rothermel

ANGUS McSIX Releases Second Single, “Sixcalibur” + Official Video

21. March 2023

angus mcsix 2022

When a Hero rises anew, a Legend is born – ANGUS McSIX is back from the dead!

After the heroic death of Prince Angus, hope seemed to be fading for Scotland and the whole galaxy. But our mighty hero has fought his way back into the world of the living and presents, as ANGUS McSIX, the debut album, ANGUS McSIX and the Sword of Power, set for release on April 21, 2023, via Napalm Records.
The new band, featuring ANGUS McSIX (Thomas Winkler), archdemon Seebulon (Sebastian “Seeb” Levermann), Nordic muscle berserker Skaw! (Manu Lotter) and the beautiful queen of the Lazer-Amazons, Thalestris (Thalia Bellazecca), contains adventures of unprecedented proportions within it. Risen from the realm of the dead, ANGUS McSIX is the last hope to free Scotland and mankind from all evil.

angus mcsix and cover


  1. Master of the Universe
  2. Sixcalibur
  3. Laser-Shooting Dinosaur
  4. Amazons of Caledonia
  5. Ride to Hell
  6. Starlord of the Sixtus Stellar System
  7. The Vision in the Fires (Intro)
  8. Eternal Warrior
  9. The Key to Eternity
  10. In a Past Reality
  11. Fireflies of Doom
  12. Just a Fool Will Play Tricks on Angus McSix (Bonus Track)
The sword of power gives the prince unprecedented powers that are used in epic battles for the good of mankind. True to the motto “One Better”, the sword rises one level for every goblin killed.
After Prince Angus heroically died in one of the greatest battles in the history of man and goblinkind, all hope in Scotland and the whole galaxy seemed lost.
In the Realm of Martyrs, everything faded away for Angus like a blurry dream from the distant past. But when he is suddenly reminded that his home is being threatened, the prince sets out to return to the world of the living.

After the resounding success of their first single ever, “Master of the Universe”, reaching hundreds of thousands of views in no time, the epic adventure continues with the spectacular single and “Sixcalibur” and its official music video.

The only way is through a portal in the depths of hell, sealed by the almighty sword Sixcalibur. When Angus draws the blade, he undergoes a fundamental upgrade and transforms into the golden hero ANGUS McSIX, escaping the clutches of the underworld!

Willing to defeat his old adversary once again, Angus has no idea that he has just opened the gateway back to the world of the living to a much darker power: Archdemon Seebulon – the source of all evil.

ANGUS McSIX on “Sixcalibur”:

“Its magical blade has blocked the passageway between the world of the living and the realm of death. For a hundred thousand years it served as a seal to banish the source of all evil in the hell of hell. Now Angus has drawn the sword and thus became Angus McSix. However, this has broken the seal, and Archdemon Seebulon returns to the world of the living. To defeat the origin of all evil, the sword must be brought to the highest level; only then it becomes Sixcalibur – Sword of Power!”

The first single:
Master Of The Universe:


Source of Information: Napalm Records Press, Foto: Matthias Schwaighofer

Ukrainian Metal Upstarts IGNEA Release Cinematic Second Single, “Dunes” + Official Music Video

22. March 2023

ignea kapela 2023Ukrainian melodic metal band IGNEA takes listeners into cinematic worlds with second single “Dunes”! Having gained many millions of Spotify streams on fan-favorites like “Alga”“Leviathan” and “Jinnslammer”, the five-piece is ready to release their next masterpiece, the captivating concept album, Dreams of Lands Unseen, out April 28, 2023 via Napalm Records.

ignea dreams cover


  1. Téoura
  2. Dunes
  3. Camera Obscura
  4. Далекі Обрії
  5. To No One I Owe
  6. Incurable Disease
  7. Nomad’s Luck
  8. The Golden Shell
  9. Opiumist feat. Tuomas Saukkonen
  10. Zénith

The rough screams of highly skilled vocalist Helle Bohdanova kick off the track, providing contrast to the song’s feathery, dreamy melodies. After winning categories at The Best Ukrainian Metal Act Awards (including “Best Ukrainian Metal Act 2020”),

IGNEA have already earned their status as a band-to-watch, and the upcoming cinematic concept album Dreams of Lands Unseen will exceed all expectations, inviting the listener to follow them into new worlds!

With “Dunes”, talented storytellers IGNEA dive into the sweltering realms of the Sahara desert, as far-eastern melodies merge perfectly with hard-hitting riffs. The idea behind this composition was to compare the Sahara Desert with the Carpathian Mountains and so the eastern vibe of the music is paired with traditional Ukrainan melodies and language, which pays tribute to Yablonska’s roots and adventures.

Vocalist Helle Bohdanova about “Dunes”:

“We continue telling the story of the amazing Ukrainian travel writer and photographer Sofia Yablonska who lived in the XX century. “Dunes” is inspired by her adventure to the Sahara Desert.

On this dangerous journey, Sofia’s driver fainted from the intense heat, so she had to take charge of driving and also fix the overheated engine herself. Their troubles didn’t end there, as they also had to escape from hostile locals who tried to shoot them.

Our song describes how Sofia saw a mirage, so common in the desert. In our version, instead of imagining palm trees and an oasis, she saw the chilly Carpathian mountains with pine trees and rainfalls…”

The first single:
Nomad’s Luck:


Source of Information: Napalm Records Press, Foto: Sergii Chernov

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