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alex staropoli rhapsody 2024It’s a bit of a stretch, but you could say that Rhapsody of Fire recently recorded a new “Dawn of Victory”. Challenge the Wind album, which was released on the last May day, has strong guitar songs. All of this is very fast, there is no any ballad. Questions about it answered Alex Staropolli. A trip down memory lane will also be included.

Hello Alex. For the first I have to congratulation to new album Challenge the Wind. From the first single, you hinted that the new album will be a ‘banger’. What was the reasoning behind that decision?

Alex Staropoli: Hello! I have worked with Roby De Micheli and realized there was a lot of great riffs and guitar parts. We started from there and naturally came to the conclusion to keep going in that direction.

Fan can be hear, that this record is very guitar oriented (it’s kind of reminiscent of your old piece Dawn of a Victory). What were the key differences in process of this album compared to your previous albums (The Eighth Mountain, Glory for Salvation)?

Alex Staropoli: Same process, just new ideas and a fantastic guitar work. Roby brings a lot of idea and I choose the best of the best. It always depends anyway. The composition process it’s always different but the approach it’s always the same, aiming for perfection.

Except for the guitars, we can hear next Instruments like bagpipes, flute. Who did play those instruments?

Alex Staropoli: My brother Manuel play the flutes in every album, and the bagpipes are a new discovery. I have made for Glory For Salvation. I’m going to have them live as well in some future occasions.

It also part of your saga The Nephilim’s Empire. Could you tell something more about story?

Alex Staropoli: We narrate fantasy tales that have some meanings, and it’s up to the listener if to consider them or not. The main character have to repeatedly face dualities and make epic decisions in order to continue his path to self-realization and glory. Firstly, we like to offer to the listeners the chance to enjoy and dive in our musical realm anyway

And what choir? Who were members of this it?

Alex Staropoli: We always gather the same singers, all of them Giacomo’s students or friends. It is not so easy to find the right singers. I have to push them hard because we have to record for 4 to 6 hours a day, so not so many singers can take that.

And what next album? Will be it another part of this saga?

Alex Staropoli: Yes, there will be one or two more albums to this saga.

Rhapsody of Fire kapela 2024

Upcoming shows

Tour for his support will be start on October. Why?

Alex Staropoli: This new album release date was postponed a few times so according to this we decided to do the European tour in Fall 2024. We have a bunch of shows and festivals in the Summer and more dates in Asia and Australia after the Summer.

Are the terms fix? Or you can add something?

Alex Staropoli: In regards of shows we always try to do our best to reach more fans as possible

Could you tell which songs from Challenge the Wind you will play now? Vanquished by Shadows can be great live.

Alex Staropoli: Surely the title track. We have many option that we will explore soon.

Could you tell something about your Latin American tour?

Alex Staropoli: It was just fantastic! Great fans, we are planning to go back and do more shows.


Lets go to past. Can you tell some sentences about this albums. How do you remember to it and how important were they?

Legendary Tales (1997):

Alex Staropoli: Total excitement and a big overbudget to achieve the goals we wanted

Symphony of Enchanted Lands (1998):

Alex Staropoli: The symphonic approach, we knew we had something special in our hands. A even bigger overbudget!

Dawn of a Victory (2000):

Alex Staropoli: A more metal approach to change a bit sound around

Symphony of Enchanted Lands II: The Dark Secret:

Alex Staropoli: The symphonic opera, something not easy to replicate and the presence of C.Lee made everything extra magical

Triumph or Agony (2006):

Alex Staropoli: Less fast songs but more heavy songs

Describe your common day.

Alex Staropoli: It always depends on the period and the deadlines. I normally go to the gym everyday to start my day, and of course I always work on new music and follow every thing going on with the band. A full time job all year long.


Rhapsody of Fire’s music is so epic, but you guys usually play as a five-piece on stage. Have you ever thought about doing a big, over-the-top concert with extra singers and maybe even a small orchestra, like Peavy’s Rage does?

Alex Staropoli: I worked very hard to conquer this position and the actual all-Italians line-up. We enjoy very much to play on stage and be just the five of us. So for now that’s the dimension we prefer.

Do you have some unfulfilled music dreams?

Alex Staropoli: Dreams have no limits, so probably yes, but I keep it real concentrating my energy on the band. It’s hard work believe me. I have established where Rhapsody Of Fire stands and I want to continue to work and develop more music and our career.

OK, thank you very much for the interview and I’d like to ask you for some message for our readers.

Alex Staropoli: Thank you all very much for your support. I hope you’ll get your copy of the new album and come to our shows!

Stay healthy.

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Photo Alex: Di Bruno Bergamini – Rhapsody Of Fire, CC BY 2.0, Photo Rhapsody of Fire: Massimo Battista

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