ADE – Carthago Delenda Est (ER)

ade carthago delenda coverMore than one year ago, I had the first touch with music from Italy. My experience was surprisingly good, so when i get a chance to review another group from Apennine peninsula, i don´t hesitate a bit. Ask yourself, who would refuse connection of death metal and antiquity?

I was really full of expectations when I put album Carthago Delenda Est  from ADE to my CD player. The strom that began was a great shock for me which I couldn´t imagine in my darkest dreams. Introduction tones have simple task, which is to transfer listener to ancient times and to induct the atmosphere.

Death metal and folk

After one minute special guest emerges – death metal. Combination of these two aspects of music exactly describes all songs on Carthago Delenda Est.  

With your permission I would divide instrumental side into two separate chapters. The first is death metal. This part is going mostly in moderate pace, and consist of ,,rolling“ riffs riddled with some guitar passages.

Guitar solos are present as well but I have to tell, that if the listener would look for clear melodic parts, he woudl fail. Songs have direct structure without some complicated compositions but  it doesn´t matter that they are not vintage. In one sentecne, ADE served us robust death metal, which doesn´t make any compromises. On the other hand I personally  miss some slower pieces.

Now, let us take a look on the second chapter, which contains elements of ancient music and passages that create the atmospere of Roman empire. This feeling is gained through different ways – compositions of traditional ancient music instruments, various sound arrangements (sounds of elephant), or female vocal (intro of Annibalem).

Antique death metal

In my opinion, I consider these elements as the biggest benefits of all Carthago Delenda Est.

Take a moment to imagine that these two aspects were put together, and a result is death metal with many elements of an ancient music. The idea of combining those two mentioned above was quite brave to begin with.  Another thing to consider is also great overall outcome, which is full of sophisticated ideas and without huge mistakes.

These all things create a music, which in a lot of parts sounds like from an another dimension. Personally I like innovative ideas, and there were several of them. Not to mention, I don´t think that listener have to be a fan of history to enjoy the music. Overall, instrumental side of the album is perfect in all 10 songs.

Alltogether, it would be strange, if music would be absed on antiquity, and lyrics would mention settlement of moon. But don´t be afraid, there is nothing like that. Themes of lyrics are about history, specifically Punic wars. Except of few latin phrases are all of them are in English.

Maybe it´s a pity, because latin would make songs more authentic. (on the other hand it´s just degeneration of us, who study latin for anatomy 🙂 )

Vocals are like in death – growl without slam and clean vocals.

To sum up 

ADE created the album, full of brave and innovative ideas with greate outcome. So, today it is 5,5/6


  • Traianvs – vocals
  • Nero – guitars (lead)
  • Fabio – guitars (rythm)
  • Caligvla – bass
  • Commodvs – drums

Guest/sessions musicans:

  • Riccardo Studer – Keyboards, Orchestration


  1. Carthago Delenda Est
  2. Across the Wolf’s Blood
  3. Annibalem
  4. With Tooth and Nail
  5. Dark Days of Rome
  6. Scipio Indomitus Victor
  7. Mare Nostrum
  8. Zama: Where Tusks Are Buried
  9. Excidium
  10. Sowing Salt

Year of Release: 2016

Label: Xtreem Music

Youtube teaser:


Score: 5,5/6

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