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SHYLMAGOGHNAR – Sign Worldwide Album Deal With Napalm Records!

26. January 2017

Curtain up!
Napalm Records proudly welcomes the Dutch two man project SHYLMAGOGHNAR to their roster, rooted in finest Black Metal. This atmospheric music revolves around themes that range from philosophy, life, dreams, nature and the universe to heavy emotions and abstract mysticism. SHYLMAGOGHNAR consists of Nimblkorg and Skirge, blood brothers that share various visions and their passion for alternate music.

SHYLMAGOGHNAR on the signing with Napalm Records:
“We are excited to announce we will be working together with Napalm Records! We feel they are a respectable label with an integrity and enthusiasm we very much connect with. As such, they are a natural match to the style and ideology behind Shylmagoghnar, and we are very much looking forward to our collaboration!”

Napalm Records A&R Sebastian Muench states:
„We are super excited to finally announce the world-wide signing of Dutch Progressive/Melodic Death Metal Band SHYLMAGOGHNAR! The debut album release of “Emergence” in 2014 can be considered one of the most brilliant albums in the last 10 years and already received close to 1 million views on YouTube! It makes me very happy to say that “Emergence” will be released on vinyl along with a new sophomore recording! Welcome to the Napalm family!”

In 2014 SHYLMAGOGHNAR released their first record Emergence. The whole album can be streamed via YouTube in full length HERE!

Now, as the band joined forces with Napalm Records, the first album Emergence will be released for the very first time on vinyl via Napalm Records! Grab a look at the album cover & track listing below:


  1. I Am the Abyss
  2. Emergence
  3. Edin in Ashes
  4. This World Shall Fall
  5. Squandered Paradise
  6. Eternal Forest
  7. The Cosmic Tide
  8. A New Dawn
  9. The Sun No Longer










SHYLMAGOGHNAR already started the recordings for the second full-length album entitled Transience. Both releases are scheduled for later in 2017. Stay tuned!


Source of Information: Napalm Records Promotion Team

Ghost – new album

23. January 2017


Ghost in interview for Loudwire revealed some info about their upcoming album. Ghoul said:

,, Let’s just say that it’s a continuation of Meliora, but it’s sort of a response. I’ve used the word “pre-apocalyptic” on Meliora. It’s sort of the hide of civilization. It’s the symbolism, just look at the cover. It’s sky risers, everything. You don’t even see the ground…“

Read More:


Source of Information:

SAMAEL – Sign Worldwide Deal With Napalm Records!

23. January 2017

Black metal pioneers SAMAEL from Switzerland have signed a worldwide record deal with Napalm Records! The band is working on a new album, which will be released later in 2017.

Founded in 1987 as an old school black metal act that was influenced by the likes of Bathory, fellow countrymen Celtic Frost, and Venom, the brothers Vorph and Xy later developed the band’s style further towards a more industrial dark metal sound that found its high peak in those legendary album such as “Passage” and “Eternal”.

Napalm’s A&R Sebastian Münch states:
“I could not be prouder! Today we would like to announce the worldwide signing of the Swiss cult band SAMAEL! SAMAEL has created some of the most lethal and authentic Black Metal albums with “Blood Ritual” and “Ceremony of Opposites”! With a more industrial approach later on, masterpieces likes “Passage” and “Eternal” saw the light of day! To make a long story short, SAMAEL are musical geniuses and we are happy to continue, together, this success story! Welcome to the Napalm family!”

The band on the signing to Napalm Records and their future endeavors:
“We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve tightened the knot with Napalm Records for the release of our new album! We’re looking forward to this exciting alliance for what will undoubtedly be the most important record in the S A M A E L history!”

We’ve been around long enough to appreciate the importance of collaboration when it comes to turn projects into reality. We still have many great things to achieve and our partnership with Napalm Records will most certainly help us in doing so.2017 is the year! With a dynamic and enthusiastic team behind us and with the help of our dedicated fans we’re more than ready to unleashed new music upon the world… more to follow soon!”

Stay tuned for more exciting news to come!

Vorph: Guitars, Vocals
Xy: Drums, Percussions
Makro: Guitars
Drop: Bass

smaaFrom left to right: Xy, Markus Riedler (Napalm CEO), Sebastian Münch (Napalm A&R), Vorph, Håkon Grav (Photograve Management)


Source of Information: Napalm Records Promotion Team

Selfmachine present “Societal Arcade”

24. January 2017

Selfmachine (modern metal from The Netherlands) are proud to announce the release dates of their sophomore album “Societal Arcade” (recorded at RealSound Studio (Parma, Italy); mixed and mastered by Waldermar Sorychta and Dennis Koehne).
The release party will take place @Melkweg Amsterdam on 17th March.

Get ready for the blast!

  • Digital release date : 17th March 2017 (Wormholedeath/The Orchard)
  • U.S.A : 17th March 2017 (Wormholedeath U.S.A.)
  • Physical release date : 17th March 2017 (Aural Music Group)
  • Japan (Wormholedeath Japan /DiskUnion Japan) TBA











Source of Information: WormHoledeath Press

Witch Hammer – new album

25. January 2017

D-GENERACE is the title of the upcoming album of Czech heavy metal/rock band Witch Hammer. It will the first album of their career in Czech language.

It will be released in March/April 2017.



Source Information: Peter Caputa

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