Frontier of Existence – Chronicles of Grief – I (ER)

Frontier of Chronicles coverIt is quite a common thing, that metal musician deals with human emotions and feelings in their lyrics. For me, it is the best kind of themes for songs, and one of the best metal country is Poland. So, when it was possible to make review on debut album Chronicles of Grief I from Frontier of Existence, there were no place to hesitate.

Acording to habits, whole record starts with the Intro with small reference to cover. And we can continue with first regular song called Aporia. Fresh tune, which is hard to put into some genre cage. Frontier of Existence present them such as melodic death metal band with some influence of core.

Basically, this quote is true, but we can also hear some softer, calm passages and clean vocals in opposite to hard music and extreme vocals. But to be honest, you should not await some brutal growl or scream. Chant is something between melodic and scream, but it is really great.

Alike the music, which will be loved mainly by lovers of melodic parts. We can say the same thing about next Before Her Majesty. The little change is brought by Swallow Hole with their slow and calm first half, which will turn into the hardest ones. The Ripped Orbits became immediately my favourite song (and not only thanks to reference on astrophysics), when we can hear faster one again.

States of Matters will little slow down, and prepare us for the last song- Origins of Doom. This Piece describe the whole album – every single element mentioned before is also in it.

In practice it means, that Frontier of Existence prepare for us really rich music gift, which go across many borders of genres. Mainly fans of melodic death, doom, and gothic will fell satisfaction. But also every lover of melodic parts. This is the moment, where I have to admire guitarist of Frontier of Existence.

As I have written before, the whole album has great balance between hard and softer parts, alike the whole songs- the faster one are changed by slower. The next perfect thing about Chronicles of Grief I is it′s atmosphere. And if we sum it up with great lyrics deals with feelings, we will get genial result full of emotions. But to be honest, I should admire everything, because I can′t find any negative on this CD.

So, some sum up. Frontier of Existence has released their debut, but probably no one will tell it. Great and rich instrumental side of the album complemented with the genial atmosphere. For me, on of the best album released in 2017.


  • Dariusz Antosz – vocals
  • Przemysław Konior – guitars
  • Artur Mrowiec – guitars, vocals (backing)
  • Robert Szuta – bass
  • Jacek Sikora – drums


  1. Intro
  2. Aporia
  3. Before Her Majesty
  4. Swallow Hole
  5. The Ripped Orbits
  6. States of Matter
  7. Origins of Doom

Year of Release: 2017

Label: Self-Titled

Youtube teaser:


Score: 6/6

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