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In Januarry this year was released debut album Maltrér, by remarkable German black metal band Verheerer. A this duo consist of two people, with pseudonyms SMN and BST. In this interview they asked about creation of this album, concerts etc.

Hi! How are you in theese winter days?

SMN: Fine, but a bit exhausted from the rehearsals for our upcoming liveshows. We got pretty amazing reviews for Maltrér, that’s quite motivating.

BST: Since the release of Maltrér, it definitely feels like a new level for us. 😉

 Band Verheerer release debut LP album called Maltrér. What was the process of creation of it?

SMN: Actually there were a lot of parts and also complete songs already done when Archar was released. Some songs and ideas were quite challenging but it was more like “just move on”.

BST: The whole process of creation is very organic. Riffs and ideas grow, some survive, some die, and i think at some time, you have to let your creation stand for itself.

 What does it mean Maltrér?

BST: As we already did with “Archar”, we try to keep song and album titles a little open for individual interpretation. Just let the title sink and make your own meaning of it.

 Could you describe it in a few words?

SMN: Humility and submission, doubt and ascension.

 Are there some significant differences between it and your debut EP Archar?

SMN: We didn’t mix the record by ourself. Everything else was nearly the same way like on Archar. We again recorded mostly everything by our own and also created the artwork by ourself together with a friend of mine.

 Personally, I was immediately attracted to your music- great atmospheric black metal with strong instrumental side. What is the main source of inspiration for you?

SMN: Well that’s pretty difficult because our style had an evolution of 6 years before we released anything. But to answer your question properly: everything I hear is inspiring to me. Sometimes I hook on a part of an soundtrack, sometimes I simple adapt parts from my

BST: Lyrically wise, my first inspiration is mostly a special feeling or atmosphere i wanna try to create. Dread, hopelessness, solitude…Words are merely the vessel for these emotions… At least this is what i try. If this is was successful, others have to decide. Sometimes i am really surprised of the meanings some reviewers or listeners find.

 Germany, alike the north of the Europe have strong metal base. Do you think that location of the Flensburg has some impact on your music?

SMN: Yeah sure. But not the way you have in mind, I guess. Flensburg is quite isolated. We’re have no strong metalscene or anything. So we had a we had a lot of time to work on our style because we didn’t find proper members here.

 And what about lyrics? Who is the author of it? Do you have some philosophy behind your music?

 BST: The most common denominator might be that i always try to keep our lyrics “outerworldly” in some way. Although i am inspired by some things we witness in the real world, i always try to keep everyday life out of it. For instance, you will never find songs about world war II or your tax return on one of our albums (well maybe a song about that feeling of isolation or dread you get when you are looking for all that necessary documents for your tax return..)

SMN: Let it go. It’s just taxes. Don’t do the downward spiral. Again.

 Next interesting thing is cover of Maltrér. Could you tell us something more about it?

SMN: Technically it’s a collaboration between me and an friend. She digitally draw all the images and I edited the result with photoshop, added some grain and structure etc. The layout (lyrics sheets, backcover, etc) were again done by myself.

BST: The motive and ideas were scribbled by us before and refined by our illustrator.

 And what about concerts? Where could fans see you?

 SMN: Besides some singlegigs and festivalperformances We’ll have a small tour from March, 31  till april, 8th in Germany, Belgium and France.

Would you tell us something about metal scene in Germany, also about underground?

SMN: We’re not a part of an scene. As mentioned above we’re quite isolated here.

BST: The black metal scene not in our part of the country but germany is very vivid and quite interesting. Lots of good festivals and a good quality even in underground releases. Could be worse i think…

 Ok, that was the last question. Thank you for the interview, and feel free to share anything with the fans

BST: Thanks for your support and the opportunity for this interview.

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