News from artists Avantasia, Motanka, Morna, 0N0

Avantasia – the first single from their upcoming album 

14. December 2018


Avantasia published lyric video for the first single of their upcoming album Moonglow – The Raven Child. You can hear in this it singers Tobias Sammet, Jorn Lande and Hansi Kursch.


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MOTANKA – Sign With Napalm Records!

12. December 2018


Traditional Ukrainian Mystic Metal masterminds MOTANKA have joined forces with Napalm Records! Their unique sound, blending modern electro, metal and ethnic motives, leads the listener back to ancient times. Adding traditional Ukrainian instruments like dulcimer and ocarina to a classic metal band outlet underlines their traditional trademarks. MOTANKA is the name of the traditional doll that ancient Ukrainians used as an overseer for their protection and for the communication with their ancestors.

Napalm Records is proud to welcome one of the most talented and promising bands on the market to their family! After the band took the second place at Wacken Metal Battle 2018, the time has come to take the next step!

MOTANKA about the signing:
“We are very happy to sign the contract with Napalm Records. Together we will reach our goals much faster and will spread our music to the world! We are really excited to release our debut album with the professional team of one of the most famous labels of the world!”



  • Viktor Zhalnin – vocals, keyboard, dulcimer
  • Anatolii Zhalnin – guitar
  • Sergii Khodorchuk – bass-guitar, ocarinas
  • Dmytro Diachenko – drums, throat singing


Source of Information: Napalm Records Promotion Team, photo: Viktor Golikov

Morna – new videoclip

14. December 2018

Slovak melodic/progressive death metalists Morna (play in Wacken on 2017) published videoclip for their new single Through the Pain I See Others.


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0N0 – upcoming EP on March

13. December 2018


Slovak industrial metalists oNo will release new 7″ EP „Cloaked Climax Concealed“, with 2 new songs („The Crown Unknown“ a „Hidden in the Trees (Sail this Wrecked Ship)“) via label Transcending Obscurity Records from India. Date of release is 3. March 2019.


Source of Information: Lukáš Bukáčo Polák/

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