Death Has Spoken – Fade (ER)

I love Polish metal scene more and more with every new group from it. And not mainly thanks to commercial known bands, but due to it´s underground. And one true treasure came to me for reviewing with small delay- 1 year. But it is worth to await good things. I speak about because album Fade from Death Has Spoken.

Immediately first, and also title song tell a lot about this record. Group prepare for listeners wise and rich compositions, big amount of great guitar, melodic parts and man growl. But this vocal technique is probably only one significant influence of death metal, all music flow on doom metal and funeral doom waters.

Plus wide pallet of human emotions from the deepest and darkest parts of soul. I am always fascinated by ability of musician from this genre (my favourite one) show their feelings via music.

And record Fade should be great example for another bands. All yet mentioned can be used for description of rest 5 songs. So, it is more than clear, that Fade is true diamond on the field of doom metal. Record without any weak place.

If you love great music, I have to love doom metal underground from Poland. Death Has Spoken can be considered as one of the best in this beautiful country.


  • Karol Pogorzelski – vocals, guitar
  • Marcin Grygoruk – guitar
  • Maciej Chodynicki – bass
  • Tomasz Ragiń – drums


  • Marcin Mentel – drums


  1. Fade
  2. Respite from Tears
  3. If the Light Never Comes
  4. Price of Salvation
  5. Sullen Dawn
  6. To the Darkness of the North

Year of Release: 2017

Label: Independent

Youtube teaser:


Source of Information: 5,5/6

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