Steve Foglia – Never Give Up (live) (ER)

Steve Foglia Never coverLive albums are in many aspects quite specific. The most significant is that you have only one chance to make things good, respectively you can not rescue a lot of things in studio. Despite of it, sometimes I received live album. And the last is called Never Give Up from Italian musician Steve Foglia.

This album was recorded on “Steve in Wonderland” promotional tour (an album featuring the participation of Blaze Bayley from Iron Maiden) with the an unreleased track.

Everything start with title song, which show us what we can await. Good rock music, which bring us some years back. Guitars, significant keyboards. And of course, great drums. But it is no surprise, because Steve is drummer.

We continue in this trend across the whole record. I will pick up fast Wrong Hole, or interesting drum solo in Blackie´s Beat. And at the end we can find Walking in Wonderland, chant which begin slowly, like some ballad. But in the half everything change, and we can hear another rock song.

So, in total Never Give Up consists of 9 songs in live performance. All of them flow according up mentioned formula, but everyone is great original. Possible danger in live albums is sound. But here, sound engineers done their job perfectly. And thanks to them, we can enjoy atmosphere and energy from concert.

So, if you belong to fans of rock music, you like rock of 70th and 80th in modern clothes, and mainly you like great music, try Never Give Up


  • Steve Foglia – drums
  • Marco Terrone – vocals
  • Daniele Arieta – guitar
  • Federico Minerva – guitar
  • Edoardo Tavanti – keyboards
  • Maurizio Dedoni – bass


  1. Never Give Up
  2. Numbers
  3. Wrong Hole
  4. Love´s Gate
  5. Blackie´s Beat
  6. Burning my Freedom
  7. Purple Heaz
  8. Eternal Last Day
  9. Walking in Wonderland

Year of Release: 2019

Label: Self-Released

Youtube teaser:


Score: 5,5/6

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