Geisterfels – La névrose de la pierre (ER)

Geisterfels La névrose coverFrance, together with Norway and Italy, are the countries, which are most riches in producing black metal bands. Nebel founded Geisterfels in 2013. In 2015 joined Aldébaran (Darkenhöld), year later Aharon (Griffon). Joining Nebel  (Céline Rosenheim) with her own ideas, lyrics, and the whole vision and Aldébaran (Guillaume Vrac) with playing abilities, plus understening her ideas. Created infamous bond: composer – performer. On this one you can definitely hear the influences form the other band, that he´s been playing Darkenhöld.

Tho, thinking- strong duo. As the third closing with “nozzle“  Aharon.. you know, he´s not the best black metal you heard, but what´s more important: excellently understood the role in this band, which in case, had a positive effect on the songs.

The whole CD follows noble atmosphere. The story is set in 19th century Germany, to be more specific German empire. Take the journey French poet travelling in  The Rhine and the Mose. On the journey he had seen many castle, mostly ruined or deteriorated. Potraining the misery of falling castles. The theme itself is quite hard to understood, but once you do, you have brilliant story in front of you.

The songs itself, they are not so long, but not so short. The longest song on the album reaching 6 min. „Im Leben“. Direct to the listener, I could say: „in your face“…. Songs flow nicely to another.. Il neige sur l’Eltz” is one amaizing piece combining beautiful melodies and harmonies. Many critics HATE the medieval atmosphere in  composition, at the end of the day- it´s matter of taste. As much as they could balanced it, you could camly recieve the atmospehere of song.

Lyrics, autor: Céline/Nebel took about medieval mystic stories, and lyrics are written mainly in French, but also you find lyrics in German. Combining lyrics with vocals, is true victory for this album. The Singer is not just “screaming”, but he clearly undestant the message, and never went over the top.

By the mixing and masterging thumbs up! This is how you could clearly imagine TRUE BLACK METAL PRODUCTION- raw, dark and alive! The bass guitar you present brightly. Tremolo picking also is present.

Cover:  Thanks to the Nebel, she was so kind to sent me whole CD with artwork & bootleg.  It would be quite weird if they come up, with quite opposite of this. Credits: Aharon and Nebel. Praised the logo itself, the way how it is created, they can use G, as the some kind of symbol, signature of this band. Smart and useful. Atypical form of packaging, but that doesn´t mean that it´s weird.

Verdict: They proved, that you can combine the agression and  melody. There´s common thing.. great things come, when right people meet at the right time and place. Geisterfels- La névrose de la pierre, is perfect exampleof this. Geisterfels is right now the rising star in this game.. if they keep this quality of music and the visual presentation, one day they´ll be on top of this genre, mark my words.

Personally I´m giving kind score, ´cause they´re able to reach more… and best from this will show. For us there´s only waiting. This not CD for travelling or running. You have to sit, take bootleg, and be taken by story. Nebel has a talent, and right people around her.

Strongly recommend!


  • Aldébaran: Guitar, bass, drums, keyboards
  • Aharon: Vocals
  • Nebel: Composition, Lyrics


  • B.- Vocals (additional) on “Der Tod und die schwarze Gräfin”


  1. Les ruines du castel
  2. La sentinelle du Rhin
  3. Im Nebel
  4. Il neige sur l’Eltz
  5. Geisterfels
  6. Der Tod und die schwarze Gräfin
  7. La chapelle recousue
  8. Puis vint la chute

Year of Release: 2017

Label: Six Raw Records

Youtube teaser:


Score: 5/6

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