News from artists All That Remains, Skull Fist, Edu Falaschi, Lunatic Gods

All That Remains – upcoming album

28. September 2018


Metalcorists All That Remains will release new album Victim Of The New Disease on 9. November via Eleven Seven Music.



  1. Fuck Love
  2. Everything’s Wrong
  3. Blood I Spill
  4. Wasteland
  5. Alone in the Darkness
  6. Misery In Me
  7. Broken
  8. Just Tell Me Something
  9. I Meant What I Said
  10. Victim of the New Disease



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Skull Fist – two new lyric videos

28. September 2018


The Canadian heavy metal heroes SKULL FIST are set to unleash their third album, »Way Of The Road« on October 26th, 2018 through NoiseArt Records.


  1. You Belong to Me
  2. No More Running
  3. I Am a Slave
  4. Witch Hunt
  5. Way on the Road
  6. Heart of Rio
  7. Better Late Than Lever
  8. Don’t Cross Me
  9. Stay True

Today, the band presents two brand new songs.


Source of Information: NoiseArt Records

Edu Falaschi – new EP, new videoclip   

26. September 2018


Edu Falaschi (ex Angra, Almah) released new EP The Glory Of The Sacred Truth. On this it cooperated also ex-Angra members Aquiles Priester, Fabio Laguana.


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Lunatic Gods – new videoclip

25. September 2018

Slovak folk/black band Lunatic Gods  published new videoclip for song Zabudli sme dýchať from their last album Turiec. Author is Czech director Mejla Basel, who also cooperated with Machine Head.


Source of Information: Nikoleta Kováčová

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