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I have met metal scene from Ukraine mainly thanks to doommetal and similar bands. But change is pepper of life, so I have received debut album Lair from stoner-progressive band VOVK.

Everything start with song Endless Waterfall, which show us, that we can await something special. Great stoner guitar work, perfect mood and feelings. But group is not afraid of harder music- this result in some metal parts with almost scream vocal (but fit perfectly). We can continue with Ancient Times, which present the best definition of stoner rock. So, in total we can hear 6 great songs, which create perfectly balanced album. All of songs flow in stoner rock waters, but sometimes musicians play harder. They are also into some experiments, and we can hear some progressive rock elements, or hardcore. And they done their job perfectly, you can bet!

Lair is great album. I am not big fan of stoner genre, but this record shows it´s quality to me from first seconds, and now I really like it.


  • Oleksandr Kuts – bass, vocals
  • Oleksii Chervoniak – guitars, vocals
  • Dmytro Krasnenkov – drums


  1. Endless Waterfall
  2. Ancient Times
  3. Something
  4. Forest
  5. The Last Ship Above The Sky
  6. My Own Private Thoughts

Year of Release: 2019

Label: Self-Released

Link for listening:

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Score: 5/6

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