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Primal Fear – release first single ‘Along Came The Devil’!

15. May 2020

PRIMAL FEAR recently finished the recording of their highly anticipated 13th studio album, set to be titled „Metal Commando“ and will be released on July 24th. The title of the album speaks for itself – „Metal Commando“ contains 110% PRIMAL FEAR and is full to the brim with their signature power and energy.



  1. I Am Alive
  2. Along Came The Devil
  3. Halo
  4. Hear Me Calling
  5. The Lost & The Forgotten
  6. My Name Is Fear
  7. I Will Be Gone
  8. Raise Your Fists
  9. Howl Of The Banshee
  10. Afterlife
  11. Infinity

Bonus CD (Ltd. Edition 2-CD Digipak)

  1. Rising Fear
  2. Leave Me Alone
  3. Second To None
  4. Crucify Me

Today, the band are pleased to release first single ‘Along Came The Devil’ and also kick off the pre-order for physical products.

Bassist and producer Mat Sinner comments: “‘Along Came The Devil’ is an assurance for our fans all over the world, that there are no unnecessary experiments or negative surprises on the new PRIMAL FEAR album “Metal Commando”, and that they’ll get exactly what they’ve been waiting for.

Sharp PF riffs, strong vocals, groovy drums and a rich production. Due to the current circumstances, the band couldn’t come together to make a video, so instead we just made the best of the situation and put our energy into a really elaborate lyric video. We hope that you have fun with our new song and video. Crank it up!”

“Metal Commando” was produced by Mat Sinner and mixed by Jacob Hansen – an experienced dream-team.

I don’t want to throw around superlatives, but each of us went to their utmost limits and we are all very happy with the sound and song material. It’s pretty safe to say that this is a top album and maybe even our strongest record to date“, comments bassist and producer Mat Sinner. „It’s the perfect mix between our origins and our current style, a perfect balance and all band members did an awesome job playing and recording it. For me, „Metal Commando“ is the right album at the right time!“.


Source of Information: NUCLEAR BLAST Markus Wosgien

LORD OF THE LOST To Release New Ensemble Album, Swan Songs III, via Napalm Records On August 7, 2020!

15. May 2020


Dive away, a million years and a day,
a one ton heart never breaks all the way.

Dark metal sensation LORD OF THE LOST returns with their newest offer in their classic ensemble album series: Swan Songs III, the long-awaited successor to Swan Songs II, will be released via Napalm Records on August 7, 2020.

Deeply emotional storytelling melding with beautiful harmonies and Chris Harms’ palpitation-inducing deep vocals make Swan Songs III absolutely exceptional. The first single, “A One Ton Heart”, presents itself as a powerful ballad that makes the listener dive away with heavenly piano parts, underlined by delicate acoustic guitars and soft drum rhythms that take the listener onto a musical journey.

Watch the absolutely outstanding and surprisingly historical video – featuring hand saws, classical string instruments and the beauty of violence – below!

LORD OF THE LOST on the new single and video:

“Since the founding of LORD OF THE LOST, we have been wanting to shoot a video like this one. Unfortunately, none of our songs have ever fit to such a video. That hasn’t really changed with “A One Ton Heart”, but we didn’t want to wait any longer. So the video – in its non-existent statement – and our absurd looks have absolutely nothing to do with the song. Fortunately, the song didn’t care about that at all. And we have fulfilled another dream.”



  1. A Splintered Mind
  2. A One Ton Heart
  3. Dying On The Moon (feat. Joy Frost)
  4. Zunya
  5. Unfeel
  6. Deathless
  7. Agape
  8. Hurt Again
  9. Amber
  10. We Were Young (feat. HEAVEN CAN WAIT Choir)
  11. 4’33”
  12. Dying On The Moon (Joyless Version)
  13. We Were Young (feat. HEAVEN CAN WAIT Choir – ZDF Version)


  1. Loreley (Swan Songs III Version)
  2. Morgana (Swan Songs III Version)
  3. Black Halo (Swan Songs III Version)
  4. Cut Me Out (Swan Songs III Version)
  5. In Silence (Swan Songs III Version)
  6. Seven Days of Anavrin (Swan Songs III Version)
  7. My Heart Is Black (Swan Songs III Version)
  8. Letters To Home (Swan Songs III Version)

Watch the new official video for “A One Ton Heart” 

[directed by: Chris Harms]

† DECLARATION †No living instruments were harmed during the filming of this music video clip.
All instruments have already been dead and unplayable before.
After the shoot their mortal remains were cremated in an adequate satanic ritual.

The standard version of Swan Songs III consists of new songs, all recorded with The Lord Of The Lost-Ensemble, and brand new versions of a hand-picked selection of LORD OF THE LOST classics, including the standout 18-minute-long song “Letters To Home”.

For all Dark metal connoisseurs, Swan Songs III comes with a high quality deluxe box, including the instrumental Swan Symphonies III-versions of all songs and previously unreleased demo versions of eight new songs. As a special bonus, there is a full live set, recorded at their 10th anniversary show in 2019 in their hometown of Hamburg. More than five hours of LORD OF THE LOST in all facets on seven CDs!

Swan Songs III will be available in multiple formats, including a high-class Earbook, a box set and a 2LP Gatefold Vinyl. The album is a gift to all music fans and marks the next highlight in LORD OF THE LOST‘s musical career.

LORD OF THE LOST on the album:

“The Swan Songs project started as a musical infidelity, continued in a beloved carry-on and became like a second musical DNA. Meanwhile, we feel at home in our second musical facet, as well as in our classifying LORD OF THE LOST sound / shell. Swan Songs III has a musical depth that even surprises ourselves with a certain distance to its finishing. It is by no means the last part of a trilogy, but so far our personal highlight of LORD OF THE LOST’s classical-career.”


Source of Information: Napalm Records, Foto: Jan Season

ALESTORM Releases New Single & Official Video “Fannybaws”

14. May 2020alest

Come take a trip with me
I’ll tell you of the greatest man who ever sailed the sea!

ALESTORM have just released yet another banger fresh off their new album, Curse of the Crystal Coconut, to be released via Napalm Records on May 29, 2020!

“Fannybaws” tells the story of the fearsome pirate who killed the mighty terror squid and fought against the Vikings – wearing nothing but a tiger pelt! The melding of rhythmic guitar riffs and Captain Chris Bowes’ raspy voice, both underlined by smashing drums, will channel your inner swashbuckler faster than you can say arrrggh!


  1. Treasure Chest Party Quest
  2. Fannybaws
  3. Chomp Chomp
  4. Tortuga
  5. Zombies Ate My Pirate Ship
  6. Call of the Waves
  7. Pirate’s Scorn
  8. Shit Boat (No Fans)
  9. Pirate Metal Drinking Crew
  10. Wooden Leg Pt. 2 (The Woodening)
  11. Henry Martin

Accompanying the new single, ALESTORM have delivered a third official video in support of Curse of the Crystal Coconut – decked in their adored tumultuous pirate fashion, of course. Lift your eyepatch and see for yourself – sail the seas with the great “Fannybaws”!

ALESTORM on the new video:
“Oh wow! The history of Scotland is full of tales of mighty pirates, and none were as feared as the legendary Phann’aig Bhall (otherwise known as “Fannybaws” in Lowland Scots). I hope we’ve done his epic seafaring legacy justice with this song, and we hope you all enjoy singing along with it. Meet yer dad and smell yer maw!”

The “Pirate Metal Drinking Crew” is back to show all the filthy landlubbers what they’re made of. ALESTORM’s sixth long-player, Curse of the Crystal Coconut, features eleven tracks presented in ALESTORM’s signature unadulterated, chaotic fashion! Adding to that are guest performances from musical greats like Ally Storch of SUBWAY TO SALLY (violin on the entire album) and Captain Yarrface of RUMAHOY!

A must-have, riff-laden anthem at any party, “Treasure Chest Party Quest” takes the listener on a journey into the depths of the darkest taverns of “Tortuga” and Christopher Bowes’ unique sense of humor. The smashing, lively track “Chomp Chomp”, featuring vocals of Vreth of FINNTROLL, may make you never want to enter the open waters again, but will definitely entice you to dance along with its addictive melodies. 

“Pirate Metal Drinking Crew” is yet another foot-stomping anthem on the album that excels with a catchy rhythm and indelible hook. Be careful to not anger the great pirate Scurvy, or he might just unleash the Curse of the Crystal Coconut with the brutal riffs of the “Pirate’s Scorn” upon you.

Whether the album makes you want to grab a fresh coconut and sip it or open up a nice bottle of beer – it will definitely lead to a wild piratical escapade. For the extra-adventurous pirates amongst you, ALESTORM will release a 2-CD Mediabook with ground-breaking 16th century interpretations of the songs. Be sure to get yours.

Previous singles:
Treasure Chest Party Quest:


Source of Information: Napalm Records, Foto: Elliot Vernon


11. May 2020


The band stated on their Facebook page:

Dear all,

We understand that you´d like to hear more about our new album and such, but – due to the ongoing “Wuhan virus” pandemic – all release plans have been cancelled / changed / postponed.

It´s very frustrating for everyone including us and our crew: no release date yet, no touring plans or any kind of activities that keep the band going… very unfortunate scenario.

Yet we hope that the current situation will change for the better in due time and – as of now – would like to wish you all to stay safe and take good care of each other.

\m/ ”


Source of Information: NorthPoint Productions, Photo:

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